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Apex Legends Shows Error 429, Users Stuck On Loading Screen

Apex Legends Error 429 Stuck

Apex Legends launched out of nowhere in February 2019 with very little build-up. Today, however, this battle royale first-person shooter game has improved and now has hundreds of millions of players worldwide. Of course, people play this game because of several reasons. One of them is that Respawn Entertainment (the game’s developer) frequently rolls out Apex Legends updates, which include new content, such as maps and cosmetics. Recently, Respawn released a new update for the game. Unfortunately, it seems the new update came with an issue, as many Apex Legends users are reporting they’re stuck on the loading screen and getting an error 429 message.

The rest of this post will further explain what the error 429 message, which Apex Legends users get when stuck on the loading screen, is all about.

Apex Legends stuck on loading screen – users receive error 429 message

According to the latest reports across various social media platforms, Apex Legends users now complain that they’re stuck on the loading screen with error 429. Some users added that the issue started for them after receiving the recent update.

Many Apex Legends users also mentioned that they tried performing a couple of troubleshooting steps. However, none of them was effective to address the “error 429” issue. Let’s have a quick look at what the users are saying regarding the issue below:

According to @iAteAllTheBacon, the Twitter user mentioned that he got an error 429 message, which says “the connection to the matchmaking server has failed.”

You can also check here (1,2,3,4) to some other complaints regarding the current situation, where Apex Legends users are stuck on the loading screen with error 429.

Apex Legends Error 429 Stuck

Users report a download speed issue

As earlier mentioned, Respawn Entertainment recently released a new Apex Legends update for its players. Apart from the reported “error 429” issue, some users are also complaining of slow download speed on steam.

While explaining the problem, affected players mentioned that Steam displays the download time as “more than one year”. You can check here (1,2) to see what the users are saying regarding the problem.

Is there any official fix yet?

For now, there’s no official statement from Respawn Entertainment regarding the two issues mentioned above. We don’t know when an official fix will be available to address the problems. However, we’ll keep our eyes on the Apex Legends developers. As soon as we find anything worth sharing, we’ll keep you posted here.

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