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ARK: Survival Evolved accounts hacked on Xbox and Windows – reports

ARK: Survival Evolved accounts hacked
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Several players of ARK: Survival Evolved reported that their accounts have been hacked or stolen on Xbox and Windows 10.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a high-rated game in the adventure and survival genre. ARK challenges the player to survive in harsh conditions with many obstacles. They have to pass natural threats, and wildlife and track their character’s health too.

Social media reports of ARK: Survival Evolved accounts hacked and stolen

ARK: Survival Evolved account holders are affected by a serious issue. Many took to Twitter to post about their hacked accounts.

“I haven’t been affected, but someone on my server has and was hacked earlier today. A person hacked a tribemate’s account and destroyed their base across the map. Xbox PvE Official 1590 Gen2,” posted one player.

“@survivetheark someone hacked into my tribe and another tribe leader’s accounts and kicked everyone. Small tribes server 267 on Xbox,” another posted.

PC players have been affected by the exploit for some weeks now. But Xbox players have also been affected, so the scope of the issue has increased.

“That’s why WC is addressing this. Been going on for weeks on PC and then Xbox started a little while after that. This exploit is pretty severe,” a player tweeted.

Malicious players took advantage of the Xbox and PC crossplay feature. Therefore, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch players are not affected or at risk of the exploit.

Explanation of issue and official statement

The cheaters of the exploit used the ‘spoofing’ technique explained by a player.

“Cheating Program Method allows users to Spoof as someone’s Gamertag pretending to be them where they have access to the tribe and can do whatever. This is gonna kill Windows if it’s not fixed asap. The game is becoming so unplayable by the cheaters trying to kill it,” they posted.

ARK disabled the connection for Windows 10 players while they tried to resolve it.

ARK: Survival Evolved devs issued a statement and said that the vulnerability was so serious that they’ll have to do a general data rollback to fix it.

It means the progress of players on Xbox and Windows after September 19 will be lost.


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