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Mysterious murder of Chinese scientist in US leaves many questions unanswered

Bing Liu Coronavirus Researcher

Last week, Chinese scientist Bing Liu was shot and killed inside his home in Ross Township, Pennsylvania, USA. The researcher was a doctor of computer science at the National University of Singapore and lived and worked in the US, more specifically at the University of Pittsburgh, where he developed a research project on the new coronavirus. Recently, the scientist had announced some “important discoveries” about the virus, but he did not reveal the real nature of the topic. The researcher’s unexpected and violent murder in his own home brought some questions about such discoveries.

The identity of Bing Liu’s killer is already known: Hao Gu, a 46-year-old man whose body was found in the surrounding area shortly after the crime, indicating the occurrence of a suicide. According to reports of preliminary investigations by the American police, the crime has a passionate nature and a deeply intimate reason, showing no relation to the theme of the virus or his research. Following protocol by the American police, due to the fact that Gu and Liu were not American citizens, the case was transferred to US federal authorities for investigation.

The University of Pittsburgh issued a statement saying it “is deeply saddened by the tragic death of Bing Liu, a prolific researcher and admired colleague of Pitt.” According to the institution, the researcher was trying to understand “the cellular mechanisms underlying the SARS-CoV-2 infection and the cellular basis of complications”.

The whole dynamics of the crime seems to be surprising. It is minimally curious that a personal relationship of the researcher has led to such a tragic result, taking the lives of two men, precisely in the midst of promising laboratory investigations that would lead to discoveries about the new coronavirus. A truly tragic coincidence that, by itself, cannot lead to any conclusion outside the police reports themselves, but, when taken in its proper global context, can lead to legitimate suspicions. For reasons far less convincing and absolutely unfounded, the American government formally accuses China of having produced and developed the new coronavirus in the laboratory as a biological weapon. Such a speech is no longer identified as a “conspiracy theory”. So, what is the reason for considering “conspiracy” the suspicion of a political nature behind the crime against Professor Bing Liu?

As exhaustively treated in the previously, the global pandemic of the new coronavirus brought with it the emergence of a new arms race: the pharmaceutical race. In this race, nations are facing the development of pharmacological research to obtain faster and more efficient results against the new evils of our times. This new arms race has a civil-military dimension and is equally noticeable among States, corporations and international organizations, being a common target for all the global agents of our age. In fact, we do not know exactly what Liu discovered and it is likely that we will never know it, but, certainly, his research had some high degree of scientific relevance and strategic interest, so, believing that there is a political and strategic reason for Liu’s murder is fully consistent. If his findings about the cellular mechanisms of the infection were relevant to the development of a cure for COVID-19, Liu may actually have been the victim of a political attack or of an intelligence-level operation, aimed at preventing the publication of his findings, which are now adrift and can be stolen and patented by other international agents.

Little is known about the details of Professor Liu’s personal life, which is why the idea of a passionate crime of such magnitude clashes with everything that was publicly known about him until then. This fact endorses the possibility of having an artificial “passionate crime” scene intentionally prepared. Coming to such conclusions, for sure, is not our goal, but just to consider that the different theses about the crime must be seriously analyzed, undertaking a real and deep study of the evidences. The fact is that this investigation is on the hands of the US federal authorities, so the official version reported so far is unlikely to be contradicted, which means that we may never know the truth about what really happened to Bing Liu.

The accusations against China do not stop; they are going ahead on all fronts. Every day, an avalanche of fake news is launched against the Asian country on the new coronavirus. In addition to accusing Beijing of having created the virus, Washington also creates the myth that China would have omitted the real state of the infection through reprisals against Liu Wenliang, the Chinese doctor who collaborated with the regime and that the West tries to portray as an “opponent”.

The fact is that China has countered all accusations and it remains proven that Wenliang was never “silenced” by the Communist Party and, likewise, research reports from the Wuhan Laboratory do not provide any evidence that the coronavirus was artificially developed in China. On the other hand, what will Washington say about Bing Liu? What will the investigations by federal authorities conclude about his death?

Probably, the case will not only be dismissed by the authorities, but it will also be forgotten soon due to the strong role of the one-sided mainstream media.

Contributed by Lucas Leiroz, a research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

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