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Brazil Supreme Court only allows fully vaccinated foreigners to enter country

Source: Pixabay

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) of Brazil has ruled that all foreign visitors entering the country must present a certificate proving that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Given the federal government’s decision to allow unvaccinated people to enter the country with a five-day quarantine, the decision was made at the request of the Brazilian political party Sustainability Network, according to Xinhua news agency.

On Saturday, the STF’s policy went into effect.

Until that point, entering Brazil required a negative PCR test.

More than 65% of the Brazilian population has been immunised against Covid-19.

Brazil is one of the pandemic’s hardest-hit countries, ranking second only to the United States in terms of deaths and third in terms of overall cases after the United States and India.

The country’s overall caseload and death toll stood at 22,177,059 and 616,457, respectively, as of Sunday morning.

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