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Users Can’t Install Facebook Messenger App via Google Play Store: Fix

Facebook Messenger App Can't Install Google Play Store

Facebook messenger app is, arguably, one of the most popular social messaging apps in the world. It’s favored by a lot of people ( more than 1.3 billion) globally because of what it offers. The American messaging app, developed by Facebook, Inc., offers some of the best features, including Chat Heads, Messenger Pay money transfer in some regions, Calls, Location sharing, Third-party app integration, and many more. With these features and many more, who wouldn’t want to download the app on their devices? According to the latest reports across various social media platforms, many people have started reporting that they can’t install the Facebook Messenger app via the Google Play Store. Furthermore, the affected users also added that whenever they try downloading the app, it reaches 100 percent but fails to install.

Users unable to install Facebook Messenger App Via Play Store

Many users, who couldn’t install the Facebook Messenger app via Google Play Store, have now taken to various social media platforms to air the issue. Having looked at the reports so far, we noticed that the issue has been around for so long – since 2016. Let’s have a quick look at one or two reports regarding the annoying issue below:

According to Shiela Babes, the Facebook Messenger took to Google Support, reporting that she can’t install the app via Play Store. The user is now calling on Google and Facebook to help find a fix to the annoying issue. Here’s a screenshot of the complaint, including an image showing what the user keeps getting whenever she tries downloading from the store, below.

Facebook Messenger App Can't Install Google Play Store

According to M. Atif, the Facebook Messenger user also reported that he can’t install the app via Google Play Store. However, the user acknowledged that he was able to download the app. Here’s what Atif said regarding the Messenger app issue below:

“I can download but can’t install the Facebook Messenger app. Help me!”

You can also check here (1,2) for more complaints regarding the Google Play Store issue.

Workarounds For The Issue

As mentioned earlier, the Facebook Messenger app issue has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, neither Google nor Facebook has been able to find a permanent fix for the problem. That said, in case you’re also experiencing the issue, there are a few workarounds that you can try out.

1- Troubleshooting

Any time you’re faced with issues of this kind, the first thing that you need to do is to troubleshoot. And for this kind of issue, where you can’t install the Facebook Messenger app via Google Play Store, you can check here for the troubleshooting tips.

2- Clear Facebook data

In case you’ve followed all the troubleshooting tips for Google Play Store and nothing seems to work for you, you can as well clear your Facebook data. After doing that, you can go back and download & install the app again via the Google Play Store.

3- Manual Installation

If after trying the above workarounds and the issue persists, you might have to opt for a manual installation. You’ll only be able to do that by downloading the apk version of the Facebook Messenger app. There are several platforms that you can get the app from, but we’ll only be sharing with you two reliable sites. First, you can check APKPure to download the app and perform a manual installation. Apart from that, you can as well visit APKMirror to download and manually install it on your device.

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