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Concept Shows What A Foldable MacBook Could Look Like

Foldable MacBook Concept
Credit: ADRStudio Design

Apple’s MacBook is‌ one of the best computers out there. Millions of people love this product even though it doesn’t have certain features, such as touchscreen. According to the latest rumors, Apple is planning to launch a foldable MacBook in the coming years. It’s still unclear when this device will be out or exactly what it’s going to look like. However, a digital artist has released a concept video and images of what the rumored foldable MacBook could look like.

You’ll find more information regarding the foldable MacBook concept video as you read further through this post.

Foldable MacBook Concept: here’s what the device could look like

Last week, Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst Ross Young, through 9to5Mac, reported that Apple is currently working on a foldable device. The display analyst further mentioned that the foldable device has a 20-inch screen.

Here’s a brief of what Young said the foldable gadget will look like below:

“It’s a notebook with a full-size keyboard when folded and for use as a monitor when not folded and used with an external keyboard.”

Besides that, analyst Young added that Apple isn’t in a hurry to release the foldable notebook. He even mentioned that the device may not reach the market until 2025 or later.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently confirmed that the foldable 20-inch notebook is a MacBook/iPad hybrid. The only addition to the already existing report, however, is that the notebook is going to use an on-screen keyboard.

Five years or more, as suggested by analyst Young, is still a long time. However, if you’re eager to see what the upcoming Foldable MacBook could look like, you need to see the concept video and renders created by the digital artist Antonio De Rosa.

Antonio named the foldable device MacBook Folio. The idea of the foldable MacBook is radical, you’ll certainly fall in love with its look. Yes, the device is very gorgeous and sleek.

When opened, one can use the MacBook Folio for several things. As seen from the renders, you could use the device as an oversized tablet that includes an Apple Pencil.

Speaking of port selection, the foldable MacBook concept video also revealed that the device has a pair of USB-C outlets. At the top of the foldable device, there’s a pill plus hole cutout, housing the Face ID sensors.

You can check below to watch the concept video and have a feel of what the upcoming foldable MacBook could look like.

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