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Discord can’t copy-paste text or images using mouse right click function – reports

Discord 'Events tab' not showing up for users
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Many Discord users are reportedly unable to copy-paste text or images using their mouse right click option.

Discord is a prominent messaging platform that helps people to communicate with their friends, peers, and family using voice calls, chat, and video calls. Although the desktop version provides a range of features and services, some of its basic functions are now unavailable.

Reports of Discord users unable to copy-paste text or images using mouse right click option

In general, copy and pasting text or a picture is simple. All that is required is for the user to choose the text, copy it, and then paste it using the right-click function on their mouse.

“A new problem just came up while using Discord where I am unable to paste an image or link into a Chat when I had copied it from somewhere using Rightclick + Copy image or text,” a user posted.

“@discord how come i cant copy and paste with mouse,” another user complained.

However, complaints indicate that the function is lost while using a mouse, yet it works perfectly when performed with a keyboard.

According to one Discord user, the option to paste is still there, and the context menu appears, but then nothing happens once the button is clicked.

“To be clear the option to paste is still there and the context menu still pops up, it just doesn’t do anything when I click paste. Works fine in a browser of course since that just uses the browser’s context menu,” they said.

Workarounds and official acknowledgment

Thankfully, there are a few workarounds that may be able to assist you in resolving the copy-paste functionality issue.

Going to the Accessibility options and enabling the ‘use the legacy chat input’ option appears to have resolved the issue for an affected user.

The developers have acknowledged the problem and claim to be working on it. However, no timeline for the fix was provided.


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