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Galaxy S21+ design leak: Here is how the new Samsung phone will look like

Galaxy S21+ design leak
Source: Ice Universe

The design leak for Galaxy S21 has taken social media by a storm. The picture posted on Twitter shows a sleek and compact design for the new phone. The new phone has thin borders and a tiny camera installed in the middle of its top edge. Perhaps the most noticeable feature is the camera not being under the screen. Reports indicate that the new Galaxy S21 will feature a flatter design, faster performance, and a more sophisticated camera than previous models.

Design leak for Galaxy S21 takes internet by a storm

Rumors state that the new phone will be officially launched in January 2021. A news outlet reported, Galaxy S21 Ultra Leak: According to the report, “this phone will be launched within two months. Many new features can be found in this high-end phone this time.” This contradicts the earlier rumors that stated that the official release will be much later.

According to Reuters, Samsung is attempting to push forward its release of the Galaxy S21 in order to be a better competitor in the smartphone market. This will help Samsung compete with Huawei due to the ongoing US ban on Huawei products. According to recent leaks, Galaxy S21 Ultra will feature a 108MP camera, and support 45W charging. Moreover, the display will be a WQHD+ LTPO panel along with a 120Hz refresh rate and nearly-symmetrical bezels that will easily make it the most efficient smartphone.

Ice universe reports, Galaxy S21 Ultra is a small improved version of S20 Ultra. Using the HM3 sensor, single-pixel is still 0.8um, 108MP, laser focus, no ToF. A tipster also revealed that the new Galaxy S21 Ultra will come along with an S Pen stylus. This means that the note series will be replaced by the Z Fold lineup. Several users did not find this particularly appealing. One user tweeted, “I’m not hating Samsung, I’m hating the S21. I am a fan of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. I want one more than any current iPhone. But it’s really expensive, and in my opinion, the iPhone is the best non-folding phone due to the fact that the software like airdrop is seamless.”

Expectations and rumors

The colors and other style features of the S21 were revealed earlier. The earlier reports suggested that the yet to be launched Galaxy S1 will be released in gray, pink, violet, and white colors. While the S21 + will be available in bold colors of black and silver. The S21 Ultra will be available in colors black, silver, and violet in regions of Brazil, Indonesia, Korea, and Vietnam.

Later reports confirmed that the color scheme for S21 + and S 21 Ultra will be reversed. While, Galaxy S21 will still be available in aesthetic colors of grey, pink, violet, and white. The reversal means S21+ will now come in black, silver, violet, and pink colors in regions of Korea. While S21 Ultra will come in colors black and silver. Many Samsung users are looking forward to getting their hands on these exquisite colors. One user tweeted, “The Silver S21 Ultra looks incredible. Beautiful finishes, incredible design, and definitely and ver premium device that brings back the Super premium look to Galaxy S.”

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Galaxy S21+ design new leak

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