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Sort Google Meet participants by last name first, users say

You can’t join this video call Google Meet fix

Google Meet users have been looking for an option to sort participants by last name or according to their wish. By default, participants sorting in Google Meet is in the order of first names to the last. But it seems like most users are finding it difficult to use.

Users want Google to sort Meet participants by last name

We are trying to use Meet for distance learning. It is difficult to use, as I can’t scroll through all participants (only 16 at a time? Really?) and the names cannot be sorted by last name (first only – that’s not how schools work). Also, I can’t sort students into smaller groups. I understand there is an update coming. Will ANY of these productivity features be rolling out soon? Google Meet Help

“Please sort on the tile view by last name first. It is so difficult to take a class attendance with kids all over the place (or by first name on the participants list).” Google Meet Help

“Please give teachers a way to alphabetize by last name, actually make last name the default, thanks.” Google Meet Help

Google Meet users, specifically teachers seem frustrated to take attendance by the first name order. Users demand Google release an option to sort Meet participants by the last name as it takes them forever to get roll taken in large classes.

However, Google has acknowledged that this option to sort participants is currently not possible on Meet.

“That isn’t currently possible in Meet. Please share your feature request with Meet team by sending feedback with the hashtag #MeetF” Platinum Product Expert

Grid View Extension

But, there was a fix for this issue that came in the form of a “Grid View” extension. It allowed users to view all participants at a time while giving a presentation. Google later reduced the maximum number of participants displayed at a time during presentations. Hence the extension plugin came in handy.

The extension offers an option to sort participants in order of their last name on Google Meet. You can try and download the Google Meet Grid View here. You will also have to add the “Google Meet Grid View (fix)” to get it started.


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