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Users Report ‘Google Pay Not Found On Play Store’ In India [UPDATED]

Google Pay Not Found Play Store In India

Google Pay, initially released on September 11, 2015, is a digital wallet platform developed by Google. The purpose of the app is that it enables its users to make payments with their compatible devices, including Android smartphones, tablets, or watch. Apart from that, the service also supports passes, including student ID cards, movie tickets, boarding passes, and many more. According to the latest reports across various social media platforms, it looks like Google Pay for Personal Use is not found in the play store in India.

Google Pay (For Personal Use) Disappears From Play Store In India

Google Pay users have taken to different social media platforms, including Twitter and Google Support, to complain about the app. According to many of them, the Google Pay app isn’t found on the Play Store in India. Apart from that, a few users also reported that the app isn’t working correctly on Android 10 devices. Here are a few of what the users complained about the app below:

According to @SudhirR97717013 on Twitter, the user reported that Google Pay is not compatible with his Android 10 device. Here’s a screenshot of what the user posted about the issue below:

“What is wrong with Google pay developers. Why is Google Pay not comfortable with Android 10.”

Google Pay (For Personal Use) Is Not Found In Play Store In India

According to another user, the Pay app isn’t found on the Google Play Store anymore. Additionally, the user mentioned that even the one already installed on the Android phone is not working correctly.

“…dear sir/mam, Google Pay for personal use not found in Play Store (India). If there is already installed in mobile (android) are not work properly (like payment to a person with the help of mobile contact)”

Has Google Responded To The Complaint?

Looking at the reports so far, it seems the issue is only affecting Google Pay for Personal Use. That’s because many users can still find Google Pay for Business on the Play Store in India. Furthermore, the issue seems only to be affecting the Google Play Store in India. According to many users, they can still find Google Pay for Personal Use in the web version.

So far, Google is yet to make any official statement regarding the issue of Google Pay, which is not found in the Play Store in India. Since the app is still visible on the web version, users should make use of the platform to download the app. As usual, we’ll keep an eye on Google regarding the issue. As soon as we know about the official fix, you’ll be the first to read about it.

Update 18 August: Google has fixed the issue and the Google pay app is now available and visible to all users in India.

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