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iOS 14.4 release date and features: Here’s what to expect

iOS 14.4 release date

Apple does not appear to be slowing down for its releases this December. First, the AirPods Max hit the market and now there are rumors that the release date for iOS 14.4 release date is near. It appears that the new version will be released during the next few days since the beta version has been released yesterday. The new software is likely to come with several new features and hopefully fixed bugs.

Expected release date for iOS 14.4

The update is likely to be released before the end of 2020 or during the early days of 2021. iOS 14 focused more on bringing new features onboard. This software update featured some drastic changes from its predecessors. The transition from the iOS 14 to 14.2 to 14.3 and soon to 14.4 has been a smooth process. However, it is important to note that Apple has not publicly talked about any features of the iOS 14.4 yet. But as expected, the new update will also follow the previous trend of iOS 14 releases and brings major changes to Apple devices.

The previous update is acclaimed for featuring public ProRAW images along with several fitness and health features. The iOS 14 updates have marked Apple’s race with regards to keeping up with the new trends of the world. However, the iOS has also brought along its fair share of problems. Several affected users complained regarding an unexpected battery drain in the iOS 14.

The previous bugs also involved Bluetooth connectivity issues, bugs involving GPS and the Maps application. Many people complained that the phone suffered from random reboots in addition to problems with connecting WiFi and cellular. Many of these issues were fortunately resolved by the iOS 14.3 release. However, there may be several bugs that the new update fixes.

iOS 14.4 beta

While installing the beta version of the new update might be tempting, but you should avoid doing so before the official release date of iOS 14.4. Experts always recommend users to wait for the official release rather than experimenting with the beta version. This is because the purpose of the beta version is to tackle bugs and issues that might affect the performance of the official version.

The beta version is going to tackle potential problems and bugs for millions of iPhone users. Therefore, installing a beta version could plague your device with potential unresolved bugs that are likely to cause a massive headache.

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