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Google Pixel 5 overheating issue: How to fix

Google Pixel 5 overheating issue

According to several users online, the Google Pixel 5 is facing an overheating issue. The issue seems to act up primarily when users are using the phone’s camera, duo & other apps. Ever since the release of Pixel 5 on October 15, the phone has persistently posed issues. It has been the center of attention on tech platforms since its launch due to several problems being faced by users. The device also happens to be Google’s first Pixel series deice with a mid-range processor.

Google Pixel 5 overheating issue

In addition to the overheating issue, the Google Pixel 5 also comes with a range of other problems. These problems extend to auto-rotation problem, a poor audio quality, lack of 5G connectivity and the problematic screen-gap. However, these problems only arose in some units. A number of customers have been quite happy with their phones as well.

A user reported, “Hi everyone! I just got my pixel 5 two days ago and I immediately noticed the phone gets way too HOT. Today for example I haven’t done anything but browse reddit and it feels hotter then my pixel 4xl. Anyone else have this issue? Is there any app to check internal temp?” This issue is especially concerning as users are afraid that this overheating might cause a security hazard.

Another user reported, “Got my Pixel 5 two days ago and have charged it only 2 times so far. The first charge went perfect but today while charging it stopped at 42% and wouldn’t go any further. The phone felt pretty warm so I disconnected the charger to cool and restarted the charge.” The comment box underneath this complaint shows that a large number of users are facing this problem.

Tips and Tricks

If the above problems are constantly worrying you, here are a few tips and tricks. If your mobile data is always on, you may want to turn it off. If you happen to use your mobile date in conjunction with your WiFi, it might be causing the overheating issue. The toggle option for switching off this setting is located under “Developer options.”

Switching to LTE only has also fixed the issue for some users. This is because several affected users reported that their device turns excessively hot when they are using the 5G feature. If you are not a huge fan of 5G, you may want to switch to LTE mode only for the time being.

Another solution is to avoid recording at 4K 60fps under the direct sunlight. In case you are experiencing the overheating issues while recording at 4k 60fps, here are a few things that you should be mindful of. 4k 60fps happens to be a pretty high bitrate. This means that your phone has to process a lot of data simultaneously. This might be causing your device to turn hot.

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