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House Jan 6 committee sued by Alex Jones

Alex Jones sued Jan 6 committee
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According to a new lawsuit filed by Alex Jones, he will not comply with demands made by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 incident for his testimony and records, CNN reported on Monday.

The lawsuit seeks to halt the subpoenas and claims Jones is entitled to First Amendment protection, as well as the right to refuse to answer questions in order not to incriminate himself.

According to CNN report citing lawsuit, Jones has been summoned to testify before the committee on January 10.

Jones’ attempt to drag the House investigation into court follows other legal challenges from witnesses pursued by congressional investigators, including Mark Meadows and Ali Alexander, though Jones’ goals in the suit are much broader.

“With respect to his deposition subpoena, Jones has informed the Select Committee that he will assert his First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights to decline to produce the documents requested by the Select Committee, asserting that he engaged in constitutionally protected political and journalistic activity under the First Amendment, that the Fourth Amendment guarantees him a right of privacy in his papers, and that he is entitled to due process and the right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment,” the lawsuit states.

The committee had requested Alex Jones to turn over all of his communications with then-President Donald Trump between December 19, 2020, and January 31, 2021.

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