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Here’s How To Downgrade iOS 15.0.1 To iOS 14.8

Downgrade iOS 15.0.1 To iOS 14.8

With the Apple iOS 15.0.1 coming out, people have been rallying to get their phones up to date with the trends. But a few people out there aren’t content with what the new update has to offer and miss their old iOS 14.8. So here’s how to Downgrade iOS 15.0.1 or 15.0.2 To iOS 14.8 in a few simple steps.

So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Step By Step Guide To Downgrade iOS 15.0.1 To iOS 14.8

Step 1: Get your Mac started and ensure that it is running the latest version of macOS. If you are on a PC, get your hands on the latest iTunes. Regardless of your system, get the software required, and let’s get it underway.

Step 2: Download the IPSW file for your device, as it changes depending on the device you are using like an iOS or iPadOS, so make sure you download the correct variant

Step 3: Before getting started with the downgrade process, you would need to disable the “find my iPhone” feature. To do this, head to the settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone and turn the switch off to disable the option.

Step 4: Get your device ready, and connect it to your Mac or PC. Open the Finder on your Mac, and Safari if you are using a PC. You’ll also need to get your device into DFU mode. You can find guides on how to do that depending on your model.

Step 5: When you have Finder or Safari running depending on your computer system, hold down on the Option key on the Mac, or the Shift key for the PC and click on the restore iPhone/iPad button.

Step 6: Choose the IPSW that you have just downloaded depending on the devices and watch as the process completes. Sit back and relax as it might take a while. And as the process finishes, you’d be able to enjoy your favorite iOS again.

Why Would You Downgrade?

The need to downgrade can be caused by different reasons. Maybe the update has been unstable and you’ve identified a few bugs, or maybe you just aren’t a big fan of the update, however, now you have control over what your phone runs with this downgrade guide.


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