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Instagram automatically logs out users when they search #embedded

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A mysterious bug has appeared on Instagram. Users are taking advantage of it by pranking others to search for #embeded upon which Instagram logs them out. The app has been coming up with new issues in the past few days. Earlier the link in bio and stories auto-playing with audio features were not working.

Social media reports of Instagram logging out users clicking #embedded on search

Some Instagram users are urging others to search or click ‘#Embeded’. There are multiple Reddit and Twitter posts where people have posted about the glitch. While some are trying to warn their followers, others are using it to prank people and be logged out of their accounts.

“Clicking #embeded on Instagram immediately logs you out. It’s apparently a new ongoing glitch. So you’re bound to see more posts saying. “Go to your Instagram, and search in #embeded & then click on the first post.” A good way to prank someone,” a user posted.

Many people are trying to search #Embedded out of curiosity.

“Had to try it. I did get logged out but I just logged back in. FYI if you spell it wrong (embedded) you still get logged out,” another posted.

Possible workarounds

For some, the issue is temporary and does not cause any issues for their account. They can re-login right after the Instagram glitch logs them out.

However, the bug causes the Instagram app to suddenly crash for some users, restricting them from using it. If you are suffering from an app crashing problem, you can try to clear your cache on Instagram for a temporary fix.

“Yup there is a bug when searching anything with a hashtag. It crashes my install app on Android. I just have to force close it, clear the cache, then it opens as normal, no need to log back in,” a user posted.

If ‘the clear cache does not work, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app.

“I just uninstall and reinstall the app and I was fine. Also, I had two-factor authentication and I didn’t see any other login activity so I think it’s fine. Please tell me if anything came up,” another affected user posted.

Instagram has not acknowledged the issue and has not responded to users’ complaints.


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