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Intel inform employees it won’t pay them if they are unvaccinated

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Intel has reportedly informed employees that those who are unvaccinated must get the vaccine or submit an exemption by January 4, or they will be placed on unpaid leave.

According to The Oregonian, the tech behemoth has informed employees that those who do not receive an exemption for religious or medical reasons will be placed on unpaid leave beginning in April.

“It told employees that they had a January 4 deadline to be vaccinated or seek an exemption, citing a government mandate for federal contractors,” the report mentioned late on Tuesday.

Employee exemption requests will be reviewed by Intel until March 15.

Google has also informed its employees that if they do not fully vaccinate themselves and follow Covid-19 rules as mandated by the US administration, they will lose their jobs and eventually be fired.

According to reports, if they do not get vaccinated or submit an exception by January 13, they will be placed on 30-day administrative leave.

“If they’re still not in compliance after the 30 days, they could face unpaid leave for up to six months and then be terminated,” according to an internal memo.

Most US employees will be subject to vaccine requirements as a result of President Joe Biden’s executive order.

By January 18, companies with 100 or more employees must ensure that their employees are fully vaccinated or regularly tested for Covid-19.

Google has requested that its over 150,000 employees upload their vaccination status to its internal systems.

As the threat of an Omicron variant looms, Google is reconsidering its plans to ask full-time employees to return to work by January 10.

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