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2021 iPhone to feature touch-integrated OLED display

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According to the latest report by ETNews, Apple has plans in place to introduce the touch-integrated OLED display on its upcoming phone models, including iPhone 13, starting from next year. The decision came following the sudden rise in popularity of the panels in the global smartphone industry.

Touch-Integrated OLED display for iPhone 13

According to the report, Apple will introduce the touch-integrated OLED display on 2021 iPhone models (iPhone 13).

In case you’re wondering what that means, it simply means that all the upcoming iPhones, starting from next year, will feature a new OLED display, with built-in touch function. This is different from the traditional OLEDs, as they are designed by attaching a touch sensor film to their panels. The touch-integrated OLED display, which will now come with the upcoming iPhone 13, will be implemented without the need for a separate layer.

Talking about the advantage of the new development, first, it’ll reduce the cost of production for the company. Apart from that, it’ll also make the upcoming iPhone devices look thinner.

iPhone 13 Touch-Integrated OLED Display

New OLED tech on iPhone 12 models

According to reports, the upcoming iPhone 12 series will come to us around the fall season. And so far, we’ve been able to get the idea of some of the features that should likely come on the series.

Apple’s iPhone 12 series, which is coming in four different variants, should come with a higher refresh rate and the 5G network.

But, here’s a question, will the iPhone 12 series be coming with the new touch-integrated OLED display?

So far, the Cupertino-based company has been utilizing the traditional OLED since 2007. However, according to the new report, it looks like the story is about to change. That’s because Apple has decided to introduce the new integrated OLED display on the fast-approaching iPhone 12 series.

That said, another question is: which OLED supplier will supply the Cupertino-based company the new panels?

So far, only a few companies, including Samsung, LG, and BOE, supply OLED panels. Talking of the current OLED panel used by Apple, both LG and Samsung are their major suppliers. However, comparing the two brands, Samsung is better than LG, when it comes to the mass-production of the touch-integrated OLEDs. As such, this will likely serve as an advantage for the company to supply the new panel by 2021.

Also, BOE, a China-based display maker, is also trying to supply the touch-integrated OLEDs for Apple’s iPhone 13. However, it seems the company is still struggling to meet up with Apple’s quality standards. If the China-based display maker is able to work on the quality, Apple might likely go for the company. At least, that should help to reduce cost, and also help to reduce the dependence on Samsung, Apple’s strongest competitor.

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