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Instagram users report ‘privacy checks’, ‘checkpoint required’ error messages

Instagram Privacy Checks Checkpoint Required Error

With over 1.38 billion users across the world, Instagram is currently the fourth most popular social media platform out there. Many people visit this platform because of several reasons. First, Instagram provides its users with a huge amount of exposure by using hashtags. Besides, people also love the platform because it makes photo & video sharing much more fascinating. However, you need to understand that Instagram is not without its problems. The latest reports across multiple social media sites reveal that Instagram users are now experiencing a situation, in which ‘Privacy Checks’ & ‘checkpoint required’ error messages are being displayed on the screen. Some are also experiencing a popup black screen issue.

Why exactly is Instagram displaying ‘Privacy Checks’ & ‘checkpoint required’ error messages? Is there any official fix to address the new Instagram issues on the ground? Read on to find out everything you need to know regarding these questions.

Instagram users now experiencing ‘privacy checks’/’checkpoint required’ error messages

As with other top social media platforms, Instagram also has its issues. According to the latest reports, some Instagram users are now experiencing a weird black screen popup while using the app. Apart from that, some other Instagram users are also encountering ‘Privacy Checks’ & ‘checkpoint required’ error messages while checking Instagram profiles and posts.

For now, the exact causes of the annoying issues are still unclear. However, several reports suggest the issues mostly affect Instagram users with outdated apps. You can check here (1,2,3,4,5) and below to see what the affected users are saying about the current situation, in which Instagram displays ‘Privacy Checks’ & ‘checkpoint required’ error messages.

Instagram Privacy Checks, Checkpoint Required Error

That’s not all; some affected users also suggest that the Privacy checks error message results from the improvements that Instagram is adding to its ranking algorithm. This move will make it easier to focus on original content. You can check here (1,2) to see what the users are saying about the cause.

Are there any official fixes or workarounds to resolve the issues?

Sadly, there’s currently no official fix to address the new black screen popup issue. No official fix is also available to resolve the annoying Instagram ‘Privacy Checks’ & ‘checkpoint required’ messages. However, the good news is that there are a couple of workarounds you may try to address the problems.

As earlier mentioned, some users suggested that the error messages result from the use of outdated Instagram app versions. If that’s true, you can try installing your application and downloading the latest version. This generic solution should help you resolve the issues, as mentioned by this user.

Here’s another potential workaround, suggested by Hoonara:

  • Hold your Instagram app icon for a couple of seconds. Do that until the drop-down menu surfaces.
  • After that, click on the ‘Show activities’ tab.
  • If you’re lucky, this workaround should fix the issue once. However, you might need to try the workaround process a few times before it resolves the popup blank screen issue.

Instagram Privacy Checks, Checkpoint Required Error


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