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Live Video: Armed Far-right mob storm Oregon state capitol building

Capitol Police attack on March 4
Source: Video Screenshot

Video shows armed far-right mob stormed into Oregon state capitol building. Multiple live stream videos also show a group of people stormed and clash with the police at the State Capitol building in Oregon.

One user tweeted, “Right-wing groups protesting in and around Oregon state capital. They are attempting to get into what they call an illegally closed meeting on Oregon’s extensive lockdowns.”

Another user said, “Crazy MAGAt nut jobs trying to break into the Oregon State Capital to disrupt the legislative session with guns and bear mace… This is Trump’s America.”

“We’re not gonna give up this easily, everybody come in!” said a protester with a knife on his belt, wearing a bulletproof vest as he entered the lobby. “This is our state. This is our building.”

Moment when crowd clashed with the police at the Oregon state capitol building

Watch live stream from Oregon state Capitol building


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