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Pakistan-Saudi Arabia Relations: No One Can Succeed In Spoiling It

Saudi Arabia ends Pakistan's loan and oil supply package: Here's why

All speculation regarding Pakistan-Saudi relations reached to an end when Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, while speaking in Geo TV program “Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath”, said that Riyadh is still Islamabad’s ally and that it acknowledges the feelings and aspirations of Pakistanis. There are no ill feelings between the two brotherly states.

Much fake news and negative propaganda were circulating in the media, especially in social media, regarding Pakistan-Saudi relations. Most of them can be traced to India. Enemies of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were spreading fake news and negative propaganda to spoil the traditional brotherhood existing between the two countries. The roots of love and friendship go back to 1500 years, and the spiritual bond is so strong that none of our enemies can create any misunderstanding.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are time-tested friends and always stood with each other during all awkward moments. The record of our excellent cooperation in the economic, political, and defense spheres is known to everyone. It is the love and friendship between the two nations, and the people of Pakistan are always willing to offer their lives to protect the two holy places in Mecca and Medina. It is the utmost desire of every Muslim around the world to pay pilgrimage to the Holy Places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Every Muslim prays facing toward Holy Kaaba in Mecca five times a day.

Millions of Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia from all over the world to visit these Holy Places. Millions of Pakistanis have been to Saudi Arabia either to perform Hadj, Umra, or work. There exists a complete harmony in the two spiritually bonded brothers.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are matured and visionary nations and understand the conspiracies of our enemies. They are firmly committed to unearth all conspiracies and resist our enemies’ efforts to create any gap between them. We know each other’s limitations and problems and accommodate each other in the best possible manner. We do not have any unrealistic expectations from each other and never demand more than the other is capable of.

Knowing the fact that oil prices have gone too low in the international market, it might have hit the Saudi economy. Pakistan already voluntarily returned $1 billion in loans to Saudi Arabia four months before its repayment was due. We are grateful to our Saudi brothers who extended economic assistance to Pakistan in 2018 at a much-needed moment. Keeping in view the difficulties of the Saudi economy, we will try to repay the remaining the loan as soon as we could manage.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is known for his love of peace. Saudi Arabia acknowledges his initiatives to reduce tension within the Muslim Ummah and maintain unity. He has traveled to Tehran and Riyadh to minimize differences between the two Muslim countries. Pakistan is a partner with everyone, anywhere, at any time, for peace, stability, harmony, development, and prosperity. Pakistan cannot be a partner or supporter to anyone, anywhere, any time, for war, aggression, hate, or the killing of humanity. The visionary leadership of Pakistan has declared a policy of peace.

Saudi Arabia hosts the OIC, a 57-nation organization of the Muslim Ummah, which is the second-largest platform after the UN. Pakistan is an active member of the OIC and will play an active role in it to protect the Muslim Ummah globally.

Regarding the Kashmir issue, Pakistan will maintain its political, diplomatic, and humanitarian support to the Kashmiri people until they get rid of Indian aggression and occupation. Pakistan insists on a solution to the Kashmir conflict according to UNSC resolutions. Pakistan keeps on knocking at the doors of the UN, OIC, and all other international platforms to encourage them to prioritize the resolution of this issue. Pakistan may seek support from friendly nations within the OIC and outside of it. Kashmir is a humanitarian issue; unfortunately, the victims are Muslim. Pakistan cannot keep silent about the genocide of its Muslim brothers in India. Pakistan cannot wait until this holocaust happens and then the international community rushes in for photo sessions, videos, documentaries, and compiling reports for future generations to read in their history books.

Pakistan seeks support from all countries, nations, organizations, and individuals who have human consciousness and respect humanity.

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Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan

Professor Zamir Ahmed Awan is a sinologist at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Chinese Studies Center of Excellence, Islamabad, Pakistan. Posted to the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing as a science counselor (technical affairs) from 2010-16, he was responsible for promoting cooperation between Pakistan and China in science, technology, and higher education. - Email: [email protected]

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