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Players frustrated over State of Decay ‘crashing while interacting with Supply Locker’ 

State of Decay 'crashing while interacting with Supply Locker' 
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Several players of State of Decay reported the game was ‘crashing while interacting with Supply Locker’.  Reports say the game has been crashing and freezing after update 30.

Reports of State of Decay ‘crashing while interacting with Supply Locker’ for players

State of Decay is an open-world zombie apocalypse game created by Undead Labs. Multiple players assemble to recreate a third-person action game.

The agenda is not to kill zombies, but to avoid zombies and manage resources to survive.

A lot of players are frustrated with the issue of the game crashing, freezing, or not working.

“Game freezes and crashes when attempting to access supply locker, day 2 since 8/22/22 update,” a player tweeted.

“@StateOfDecay Found a bug today, I can’t open my supply locker without my game freezing,” posted another.

The supply locker is a place in the State of Decay where the ammunition, weapons, and firearms are stocked. As soon as the players access the storage locker, the game either crashes or hangs.

However, there are other issues frustrating the players of the game. There is a bug in the backpack because it floats in the air without any command.

“Backpack moving independently while on the survivor’s back,” a player tweeted.

“There’s also a backpack glitch in the game the backpack isn’t connected to your character,” said another tweet. “That glitch has been a thing forever, I swear I remember seeing it 2 years ago. I have not seen it in a while though,” someone replied.”’

Others said they had an issue with the rucksack.

“It doesn’t seem to affect the backpack at all times (I only had it happen once with just a backpack), but a rucksack guarantees the glitch 100% of the time. More distracting than anything else.”

State of Decay acknowledges the issue

The State of Decay support team has acknowledged the supply locker crashing issue. They said they are currently working to fix it and have kept the problem on priority. The team also apologized for the crashing issue.

Players will continue to be troubled by the backpack issue. There have not been any workarounds provided for the issue yet.


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