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Thailand protest video: Man threw bomb on protestors, shooting reported

thailand protest bomb SCB shooting video

Reports from Bangkok, Thailand indicate that a serious incident took place in front of the SCB after the protest was concluded. A mysterious man threw what appears to be a bomb-like object. A number of injured people were transported to a nearby hospital.

According to reports, a protester was also shot and injured in a shooting outside Siam Commercial Bank’s (SCB) HQ, which took place as demonstrators were leaving the venue. An x-ray shows the injured person was shot in the stomach. Pheu Thai MP Jiraporn Sinthuprai reportedly said that the surgery is required to remove the bullet.

The video below show gunshots (shooting) heard by people standing on the pedestrian bridge:

A man throws a bomb after protests conclude in Thailand

The anti-government demonstration that was organized this Wednesday outside the Crown Property Bureau (CPB) in Bangkok’s Dusit district had been moved to the headquarters of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) located on the Ratchayothin road in Chatuchak district due to various reasons.

The video shared below shows the mysterious man who threw a bomb-like object was masked. In the video, a man wearing a white mask is seen throwing a bomb-like object at protestors and then runs away from the scene.

One user tweeted, “The man threw pingpong bomb, the protesters were shot in the protest area. The volunteer guards caught the harmful man but the police at there haven’t taken any action for this violence. People protect people.” Several users online are expressing concern over the lack of action undertaken by the Police. They are accusing the Police of willingly letting go a criminal.

The sudden change in location to SCB Park was posted on the unofficial Facebook page of the Free Youth group at around 10.15pm on Tuesday. The reasons given for the change in location were to avoid a possible clash with royalist groups. These royalist groups had been stationed to combat the pro-democracy demonstrators.

What is happening in Thailand?

Protests sparked up in Thailand in the early 2020 and have been continuing ever since.  Citizens are mobilizing against the government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. Citizens are demanding the dissolution of parliament, in addition to calling for an end of intimidation tactics employed on the citizens of Thailand. Lastly, the citizens are demanding a new constitution to be drafted so that the tyrannical regime comes to an end.

Media reports suggest that at the request of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority enhanced security by ordering workers to install approximately additional eight surveillance cameras on power posts located in front of the SCB head office. Two of these surveillance cameras were pointed towards the front of the building, while the other six surveying the outer area of SCB. More security guards were also stationed at the SCB building to administer the security situation.

According to reports, the Metropolitan Police Bureau had initially planned to station approximately 6,000 police personnel in order to keep protesters away from the CPB, the area surrounding CPB was declared off-limits for protestors.

Rolls of razor wire had also been arranged to be placed on the walls surrounding the CPB. Police personnel patrolled about the premises throughout last night to oversee the situation and overcome any issues.

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