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Top 10 Best Google Search Engine Alternatives

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Search Engines are a part of our lives, and that’s because we can hardly go a day without looking up for something online. Unarguably, Google is the most popular of them all. We can attribute that to its capability to calculate a site’s relevance according to the number of links and pages pointing back to the original site. Google is so popular that whenever you have any doubt, all you hear is “just Google it”. But what if I told you that there are other search engine alternatives that offer similar results as Google? Well, in this article, that’s what we’ll be looking at – the top 10 Google search engine alternatives.

List Of Top 10 Google Search Engine Alternatives

10- Yandex

Yandex is one of the top 10 Google search engine alternatives that you can consider when you need to get urgent information online. Just like Google, Yandex is also a popular search engine. However, it’s mostly in use in Russia and some parts of Europe, including Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. It’s considered as one of the competitors of Google because it offers similar services, including mobile apps, translator, map, web browser, cloud storage, and analytical services.

Overall, Yandex offers an easy-to-use search engine experience for its users.


9- StartPage

StartPage is also one of the top 10 Google search engine alternatives that you can find handy for your searching needs. It offers great results as it uses Google’s search engine. Apart from that, it also offers proxy services, which help users to browse online safely and anonymously. Furthermore, StartPage services also include a URL generator and HTTPS support.

There are numerous reasons why you should consider StartPage as one of your preferred search engine platforms. One of them is that it offers great results on SERP without tracking users’ behavior. Apart from that, it doesn’t store up your details, especially your browser IP.


8- Gibiru

Gibiru is considered as one of the top 10 Google search engine alternatives because it doesn’t just handle privacy issues, but also censorship. According to Gibiru, its platform is the preferred search engine for Patriots. The platform also claims that it doesn’t store up search engine queries on its server, as it wipes out records immediately after searching.

One of the benefits of using the platform is that it offers users the ease to search any uncensored content, without having to worry about privacy issues.


7- Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is a search engine that offers privacy to its users. It does that by utilizing local encryptions, including Secure Sockets Layer and AES-256 encryption, to ensure all activities are secure.

With over 23 million visitors daily, Search Encrypt is popular and a sure alternative for Google. One of the benefits of this platform is that it offers its users privacy assurance. Apart from that, it also has an auto-delete feature, which helps to wipe out browsing history.


6- Disconnect

Disconnect Search is a special type of search engine as it doesn’t display search results on its webpage. Rather, it helps users to redirect their queries through its server, making them automatically anonymous, before displaying the results in their preferred search engine.

Disconnect Search is more of an extension, hence you can add it on your browser. One of its uses is that it offers privacy, while at the same time allowing you to opt for your preferred search engine. As an extension, it’s available on Chrome, Android, Firefox, iOS, Safari, and Opera.

DISCONNECT Top 10 Google Search Engine Alternatives

5- Swisscows

Also on our top 10 Google search engine alternatives is Swisscows. It is on this list because of its privacy-based strategy. Just like Google, Swisscows is also popular. However, it’s mostly used by parents who are interested in certain search results for their kids. That’s because it has a built-in feature that helps to filter violent/pornographic content on its SERP. From its name, Swisscows’ servers are located in Switzerland. Also, it doesn’t store up IP, personal data, and search queries of users.

One of the benefits of using Swisscows is because it offers suggestion tags anytime a user type in their queries.


4- DuckDuckGo

Just like most platforms on the list of top 10 Google search engine alternatives so far, DuckDuckGo doesn’t store up privacy data about a user. In fact, that is one of the features that has helped the platform to gain popularity over the years.

Since the platform doesn’t track your data and IP, you can rest assured that no ad will disturb you. One of the benefits of using DuckDuckGo is that it offers the best privacy. Apart from that, it’s user-friendly with endless scrolling, which prevents you from moving from pages to pages.


3- Ecosia

Ecosia is somehow similar to Google. With its clean user interface and ability to wipe out users’ privacy from its server, you might want to consider it as one of your preferred Google search engine alternatives.

One of its benefits is that it doesn’t track users’ behavior online.

ECOSIA Top 10 Google Search Engine Alternatives

2- Yahoo!

Surely, Yahoo is one of the oldest and effective search engine alternatives for Google. Apart from using it for search purposes, Yahoo provides its users with numerous advantages. It can serve as a platform for news, email services, travel directory, shopping center, and many more.

Being the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo supports up to 38 different languages. The benefits of opting for this platform are numerous and that’s because it offers many other essential services apart from search.

YAHOO Top 10 Google Search Engine Alternatives

1- Bing

Microsoft’s Bing is also one of the top 10 Google search engine alternatives that will offer you a better experience. To start with, Bing allows users to accumulate points while searching on the platform. These points are redeemable, as users can use them at Microsoft and Windows stores.

Apart from that, the platform offers similar services like Google. It enables users to make conversions, translate, check spellings, and track flights. It also has mobile applications that run on both iOS and Android OS.

BING Top 10 Google Search Engine Alternatives

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