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Trump Children Brough Secret Service Money To Family Business [REPORT]

Secret Service Money to Trump Business trump children

Washington Post reports that children brought Secret Service money to Trump business. The Washington Post wrote that on trips, Secret Service agents dutifully protected Trump’s children. However, for the Trump family business, these trips also brought other fruitful benefits like money.

Secret Service Money goes to Trump Business

This happened when Trump’s children grew into adults and visited the Trump properties. Trump’s company arranged for Secret Service agents to tag along at these trips. This is how the Trump company was able to bill the US government thousands of worth of dollars. These were billed to the US government under the guise of expenses incurred by Secret Service agents on each trip. In conclusion, this ingenious money-making scheme charged the Secret Service for brokers to come alongside on trips.

The company generally booked several rooms or a multiroom rental cottage on the property to bag dollars from the US government. This scheme has resulted in Trump’s adult kids and their households bagging not less than $238,000 from the US government. This is the amount of money that the authorities have spent at Trump’s properties to date.

A user tweeted, Call it a Secret Service world tour: Eric Trump took them to Scotland. Donald Jr. took them to Canada, on a trip that included a hunting stop. And Ivanka took them to Bedminster. Each time, the Trump business made money.” Another tweeted, Wow $238,000 that secret service paid to Trump properties when the Trump kids visited Canada and New Jersey and Ireland wow we need to see the Tax returns to see how much of taxpayers money are going to Trumps.”

US citizens have expressed anger and disappointment at this report, one user tweeted, “My disgust for the trump family has not bounds; they are deplorable and corrupt; Trump’s children brought Secret Service money to the family business with their visits, records show.”

Trump Children complicit in the scheme

“Morally talking, do they wish to revenue [from the fact] that their father’s within the White Home?” inquired Scott Amey, of the watchdog group Challenge on Authorities Oversight. “They may very simply reimburse these bills, so the federal authorities and the taxpayer should not on the hook for that tab.

The Secret Service and the White Home declined to comment on this report. Similar to Ivanka Trump, the president’s eldest daughter who had recently left the Trump Group to work in the authorities department. The president’s other grownup kids — Eric, Donald Jr. and Tiffany did not comment on this piece of information either.

“I joke on a regular basis that I would really like nothing greater than to by no means have one other individual from the federal government keep at certainly one of our properties as a result of it displaces a real paying visitor,” Eric Trump stated during a podcast.

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