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Video: Secret Service Search For Raccoon In White House

video racoon white house secret service search

A viral video surfacing from the White House shows a raccoon being hunted by the Secret Service. Reports suggest that the raccoon was being searched by the Secret Service because it infiltrated in the secure perimeter of the White House. The Secret Service is still continuing their search for the sneaky raccoon. Several users online found this video extremely fascinating.

There is a secure parameter of several meters surrounding the White House to keep the president and their family safe from external threats. Many people did not know that external threats included adorable raccoons. In White House’s history, raccoons have been especially relevant. A raccoon called Rebecca was kept as a pet by the United States president, Calvin Coolidge, and the First Lady Grace Coolidge. Rebecca was brought from Mississippi, she was sent to the White House to be served at the Thanksgiving dinner but ended up being kept as a pet instead.

The White House has also been taken over by raccoons before. In April 2017, a few adorable raccoons ran away from the National Park Service and sought refuge at the White House. Several raccoons were seen on the White House ground that were eventually trapped via setting “live traps” that included apples, cat food, and peanut butter.

Raccoon In White House – Here’s One More Video

A recent video shows a raccoon attacking CNN reporter, Joe Johns, who was briefing CNN outside the White House. After a jump cut the second slip shows Joe saying, “Frickin’ raccoons, man. God, again. That’s the second time. Jesus.”

Raccoons and their fascination with the White House

Several users replied to this video by tweeting, “The Trash Pandas mistook CNN for garbage. Completely understandable” while others replied, “These raccoons are obviously Republicans.” Another user wrote, “Just in case you thought 2020 couldn’t get even more 2020, here is a CNN reporter fighting with a raccoon on the white house lawn. because why the hell not.”

Someone even created a twitter account for the raccoon, it is named “Ronald the White House Raccoon”. The bio for this account reads, “Long term resident of White House, true conservative, witty political commentary, lover of trash.”

Past reports suggest that raccoons have a knack for attacking journalists outside the White House. In September, Paula Reid tweeted, “Strong Pawnee vibes at White House this morning as a raccoon attacked multiple news crews on North Lawn. Allegedly grabbed the pant leg of a photographer & then a correspondent before being fended off. (WH pictured here in more peaceful times.)” along with a photo of a raccoon. This was tweeted after four raccoons attacked CBS reporters outside the White House. Reid also said that the White House had gotten in touch with the U.S. General Services Administration about the problem.

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