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Users getting ‘Sent as SMS via server’ text receipt with RCS messaging

Sent as SMS via server Text receipt

Some users on the internet are trying to figure out what this message “Sent as SMS via server” means when a text receipt shows up after sending RCS messages.

‘Sent as SMS via server’ message

Rich Communication Services (RCS) protocol (or RCS Chat) is designed as a modern take on texting that gathers features from Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp into one platform. This interactive protocol allows sending/receiving group chats, video, audio, and high-resolution images, that function like other rich messaging apps. Google started rolling out RCS as Android’s primary text platform in November 2020.

Multiple reports suggest that this text receipt appears instead of the usual read receipts — Sent, Delivered, Read, and others — that show up when sending RCS messages. Some users’ complaints are posted below:

Users’ complaints

“I have a Galaxy S9+ on Verizon network (using Samsung message app) and after the last update instead of read receipts (sent, delivered, read, etc) I get ‘sent as sms via server’.” Reddit

“Hey @Telstra  – what’s up with msg service? All my messages (chat & MMS) are being sent as “SMS via Server” – Twitter

“I tried that, all that setting did for me is send me a notification that it was delivered. When I switched it off, I still got the weird server message.” Reddit

The “Sent as SMS via server” receipt is reportedly appearing on the Samsung Messages app when RCS or advanced messaging is turned on. Although the core reason behind this message is still unclear, one Reddit user indicated that this could be due to an issue at the recipient’s end.

“…When they received your message, it was received as Advanced Messages/RCS and the network converted them. So if the recipient checks them, they will see it as SMS/MMS.” Reddit

However, it is important to clarify that this message doesn’t stop you to send or receive messages via RCS or standard text messages. It just doesn’t show the usual text receipts.

Telstra Support shared a possible fix that the “Sent as SMS via server” receipt disappears after enabling the “Show when delivered” option in Samsung’s messaging app.

“You can change the setting in Messages, click the 3 dot icon, Settings, More settings, Text Messages, and enable “Show when delivered”. That switched it back from showing “sent as SMS via server” to Delivered/Read. It’s a bit strange that it’s only happening for one number, might be something on their end.” – Luke

We are still waiting for Samsung to explain the exact reason behind Sent as SMS via server receipt.


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