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Videos: 22 patients dead after oxygen leak in Nashik hospital in India

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22 COVID-19 patients died today in Nashik due to a lack of oxygen, according to the district’s collector, after a leak in oxygen tanker outside Zakir Hussain hospital, causing oxygen supply to be cut off for around 30 minutes.

22 dead after oxygen leak in Nashik hospital

All of the victims were on ventilators and required continuous oxygen. The Zakir Hussain Hospital is a Covid-accredited hospital. Around 150 patients were oxygen-dependent or required the use of ventilators.

Rajesh Tope, the Maharashtra Health Minister, promised that the government would look into the matter and conduct a thorough investigation.

The hospital’s video shows the tanker rapidly leaking gas and covering the surrounding area in white fumes.

When the oxygen supply was cut off, the patients and their families were terrified. Families try to help the patients as they gasp for air in heartbreaking visuals. – Watch the video (may be Graphic to some).

The gas had spread throughout the area, causing panic among the staff and patients. To stop the leak, fire trucks were rushed to the scene. Water was sprayed to control the leak, and the firefighting team wore protective gear to enter the building to stop the leak.

Aaditya Thackeray, a state minister, described the incident as “unfortunate” and promised an investigation.

“The accident at Zakir Hussain Hospital is extremely unfortunate. We all share in the grief of all these families. Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal and all the officials are in touch with Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. This unfortunate incident will be thoroughly investigated,” he said in a tweet.

According to reports, around 31 of the 80 patients who require oxygen have been transferred to other hospitals.

Coronavirus cases in India

The tragedy happened amid widespread reports of oxygen shortages across the country. The second wave of coronavirus continues to create new records of COVID-19 cases every day. As a result, many states are experiencing an oxygen shortage. Maharashtra is the state that has been hit the hardest, and as a result, the situation is dire in many districts due to a severe lack of oxygen. Many patients are dying as a result of this.

India has recorded around 300,000 coronavirus cases and more than 2,000 deaths in last 24 hours.


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