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VIDEO: Limping Fox running around in White House

Video fox in white house
Source: Twitter / Weijia Jiang

According to a video surfacing on social media, the White House has been visited by a fox. The video shows a limping fox running around the outskirts of the White House. It is unknown how the fox gathered entry into the White House and is also unknown why the fox is limping. Does this mean that the fox was attacked?

Video shows a Fox limping in the White House

History shows that animals have been particularly fond of visiting the White House. Reports show that the fox is a long time visitor of the White House. Many people saw this as a symbolic event. One user commented, “In some myths, foxes are wise tricksters who punish those who are arrogant. They see right through deception and requires us to be discerning. Seeing a fox is a bad omen if you are a greedy and mean-spirited thief. #symbolism.”

In 2013, it was documented that a fox lived on the White House. The White House has played a host to several raccoons and foxes that escape from the nearby woods. When Joe Biden was elected as the president, several citizens were happy that he would restore the centuries-old tradition of bringing pets to the White House. Joe Biden is expected to come along with his two German Shepherds named Champ and Mayor. The two mighty dogs are likely to make their way to the White House in January along with the president.

Donald Trump happened to be the first president in approximately more than a hundred years to not bring along a pet with him to the presidential house. Before him, the only other presidents who were not fond of pets were James K Polk (1845-49) and Andrew Johnson (1865-69). Although President Andrew Johnson is well known to have fed a family of white mice at the White House during his impeachment.

Presidential pets at the White House

Theodore Roosevelt came across a baby badger during his trip to the west in 1903. Being Teddy Roosevelt, he fondly named the badger “Josiah”. Josiah was taken to the White House where Theodore Roosevelt gave it to his son Archie as a present. The badger spent a good time at the White House. He was even mentioned by Theodore Roosevelt in his biography.

A well-known legend narrates that John Quincy Adams kept an alligator in the White House for several months during his era. The unique pet happened to be a gift from the Marquis de Lafayette. Allegedly, the alligator was given a place to live in the East Room bathroom. The legend also says that Adams would direct White House visitors to use the bathroom occupied by the alligator. He would especially do this for visitors he did not like.

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