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Xiaomi may reveal MIUI 13 at Mi Developer Conference

Xiaomi Mi Developer Conference MIUI 13

Surely, you’ll agree with us that Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the most popular custom skin out there. So far, the Chinese OEM has been able to release 12 iterations of the operating system, including the MIUI 12. Speaking of MIUI 12, which was first introduced in April, it came with a host of great features and improvements over the previous ones. Also, Xiaomi is already developing the next iteration of the Android skin, likely to be called MIUI 13. No doubt, we’ve heard a few things about the upcoming operating system, but none are official. According to the latest reports, it seems we’re now a few days away from getting official information about the upcoming Android skin. Xiaomi has scheduled its next Mi Developer Conference (MIDC) to hold in the first week of November, and according to speculations, the company will likely unveil MIUI 13 at the event.

Xiaomi Might Unveil The New MIUI 13 At Its Mi Developer Conference

According to a recent report on social media platform Telegram, Xiaomi has now scheduled its next Mi Developer Conference to hold between November 5th and 7th. For now, the company hasn’t said anything regarding what we should expect during the event. It only said the conference will focus on the topic, “Technology for Life”. However, according to speculations, it’s likely that Xiaomi will unveil the new MIUI 13 at the Mi Developer Conference.

Xiaomi Mi Developer Conference MIUI 13

A few weeks ago, a new power menu for MIUI 13 surfaced on the internet. However, the company was quick to address the news, saying that it’s fake. Back in September, the company held a Mi Engineer Face to Face Q&A session. During the event, some of the highlights of the upcoming MIUI 13 were revealed. According to the company’s engineers, MIUI 13 will focus more on animation optimization. However, it’ll also come with some amazing features like the custom Super Wallpapers. Apart from these features, rumors also have it that there’s a probability (although slim) that upcoming custom Android skin will launch, featuring AI call recording.

For now, we only know a few things regarding the features of the operating system. However, we might get more information about what Xiaomi’s MIUI 13 will offer during the fast-approaching Mi Developer Conference. Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that this information is only based on speculations. There’s no official statement to back up the claim.

As usual, we’ll continue to keep an eye on Xiaomi regarding the upcoming Mi Developer Conference and any update on the announcement of MIUI 13. As soon as we find anything worth sharing, we’ll let you know about it here.

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