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YouTube AdSense Monetization Error AS-10: How to fix

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YouTube, founded on February 14, 2005, is arguably the most popular video streaming platform in the world as of today. It’s mostly favored by many people because it offers a better live streaming experience. Apart from that, many people also prefer using the platform because it allows people to make money when they open a channel. On YouTube, for you to be able to monetize, you are required to have at least 1000 subscribers. And besides that, you also need to achieve about 4000 hours of watch time in the past year, including passing reviews. After that, you’ll have to clock on a certain link to get started. Well, according to some YouTubers, who have met all the criteria, they said they’re experiencing a YouTube monetization error AS-10 whenever they try to sign up for AdSense.

Now, the affected users are calling on YouTube to provide them with a fix, so that they can start making money with their channels. In case you’re also one of those that are unable to sign up for AdSense, we’re happy to break it to you that there are a few workarounds for the issue. You can check below for information regarding how to resolve the YouTube monetization error AS-10.

YouTube Monetization Error AS-10 While Trying To Sign Up For AdSense

Many YouTube users have now taken to the company’s Help Community, reporting that they are unable to sign up for Google AdSense. In case you don’t know, signing up for the program is part of the requirements to become eligible for monetization.

While further explaining, the users pointed out that whenever they try to perform the monetization step, they are always receiving an error message which reads; ‘Oops something went wrong, Error AS-10’. That said, let’s have a quick look at some of the complaints below.

According to AnandK, the YouTube user reported, that he’s unable to sign up and connect his YouTube account with Google AdSense. Signing up for the program is the second step that you need to perform to be eligible to start making money from the platform. Furthermore, the user mentioned, that he couldn’t get past the second monetization step, as he keeps getting an error AS-10 message. You can check below for the screenshot of what the user said regarding the issue below:

Users Encounter YouTube Monetization Error AS-10 While Trying To Sign Up For AdSense

For more reports regarding the annoying YouTube monetization error AS-10 message, you can check here (1,2,3,4).

Is There An Official Fix Yet?

In case you’re also unable to sign up and connect your YouTube account to AdSense, now you know you’re not alone in it. For now, YouTube hasn’t released any official fix yet to address the annoying YouTube monetization error AS-10. However, according to what @TeamYouTube said, it seems the company is already aware of the issue and is now working on a fix to address it. We still don’t know when the fix will be ready, as the team didn’t say anything regarding it.

In case you don’t want to wait for the official fix, we’re glad to tell you that there are workarounds to resolve the YouTube monetization error AS-10. Let’s have a look at them in the next section below.

Workarounds To Resolve The YouTube Monetization Error AS-10

After looking at the reports so far, we noticed that the issue majorly affects Google Chrome users. As such, you might consider switching to other browsers to sign up for the AdSense program. A few users, who were initially experiencing the YouTube monetization error AS-10, have confirmed that the workaround works well.

However, if after switching to other browsers and you still experience the error message, you need not give up. Another thing that you can consider doing is to try and remove any ad-block extensions on your device. This workaround has helped many users to successfully sign up for the AdSense program. However, in case you’re not lucky enough, you can as well try this last workaround.

Another Fix

As for the last known solution, it involves synchronizing your browser. What does that even mean? Well, it means that you need to sync your browser, using your google account. A user recommended the workaround. So far, many people have already tested it and confirmed that it’s very effective. That said, here’s what the user said about the unofficial fix below:

“Just tried someone’s recommendation above “Sync your browser using your Google account. that will fix your issue” and it worked!! The little circle icon at the top of your browser is your google account. Make sure the correct account is active and that sync is on.”

Another factor that can cause issues while using YouTube is using ad-blockers on your personal computer. Several problems can come up, as a result of using it. For now, it’s known whether that is also one of the factors causing the YouTube monetization error AS-10 message. However, to be on the safe side, we’ll advise that you stay away from using it.

As mentioned earlier, TeamYouTube is already working to find a permanent fix to the annoying YouTube monetization error AS-10. So, we’ll keep an eye on them for any possible update regarding it. As soon as we find anything worth sharing, you can rest assured that we’ll let you know about it here.

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