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Apple mail search not working for macOS Big Sur users

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After seeing the Apple support threads, it seems like Apple users wake up each day to find another problem with their device. According to latest reports, the Apple mail search feature is not working on macOS Big Sur for several users. Searching for mail displays no results whatsoever, the search function is posing problems for several users world wide. Most users are anticipating that this is an indexing issue.

Apple mail search feature is not working

One user said, “Has anyone experiences issues since upgrading to BigSur with searching. I’m using my iCloud Email (actually to be accurate). Searching for Email no longer works, and email VIP mailboxes get notified, however clicking on the folder does nothing. I’m assuming its an indexing issue, however I cant find a way to reindex the mailbox.” It seems that the fixes and solutions provided by other users do not work either. The mail Apple mail search not working on macOS Big Sur has resulted in massive inconveniences for users.

This issue results in zero mail when users try the mail search feature. The search performs no results no matter how many times the users search. Some users even tried using this feature while using Spotlight, but no results were procured. Users have also reported that in rare cases when the features does work, it quickly malfunctions and displays incomplete results.

Users who are experiencing this issue also reported that they have already enabled the “Mail & Messages” feature in Spotlight. Therefore, this cannot be issue, since the issues are narrowed down many people speculate that it is an indexing issue.

Tips for the macOS Big Sur

For some lucky users, rebooting or re-logging in has fixed the annoying issue. If you are experiencing the same issue, rebooting or logging in again might be a good idea. However, rebooting does not always work. In that case, the following tips might help:

One user said, “Type something in the mail search field. On the left column a new selection appears at the top under Search, for “All Mailboxes.” Click it, and Shazam!” You might have to search for mail in a slightly different manner, but this might resolve the issue for you.

Another user said, “1. Save your work and close all of your apps 2. Close Mail app 3. Hold the Shift key and open the Mail app 4. Close the Mail app (don’t search or perform any other actions) 5. Hold the Shift key and open the Mail app (repeat of Step 3) 6. Close the Mail app (repeat of Step 4) 7. Restart your Mac 8. Open Mail app like you normally would 9. Try searching your mail. ” These steps are slightly lengthy but they may solve your issue.

Apple mail search feature is a handy tool that many users religiously use. It is hoped that Apple acknowledges and resolves the issue soon.

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