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Americans and Canadians who ‘only’ signed up for COVID test are being declared positive

Canada call tested positive signed up COVID test long line

In a strange turn of events, a number of people in Canada received a call from the hospital telling them that they had tested positive. Most of these people signed up for the COVID test but never actually got tested. Since testing is being massively done in Canadian hospitals at the moment, the lines outside are particularly long. These people left the hospital premises without actually getting tested and they still received a call from the hospital. What is strange is that all these people are being told that they tested positive.

A call from the testing site tells people they tested positive in Canada

Insider Paper’s exclusive source in Toronto has confirmed this news. Our source told us that a number of people around her received these supposedly accurate calls from testing sites. These people filled in their information with the hospital for testing but never really went ahead with the testing. This is due to a long line outside the testing sites which further increases the risk of virus spreading.

Several of these people went home without getting tested, hoping that they could come back at a later time. Despite not being tested, these people received a call from hospital the next day informing them about their positive results. People are shocked and scared at the moment. Why are hospitals declaring them COVID positive without even testing?

Many users complained about this on Twitter as well. A resident from Canada tweeted, “I would like to understand how your covid test works . I showed up to get tested and the lines were to long so I left then 2 days later I get a call saying im positive for covid without getting tested . How does that work.” People are claiming that hospitals are giving a greater number of COVID patients to the authorities than they actually are.

People who ONLY signed up for the COVID test are being declared positive

It is unclear whether this is happening due to mismanagement at the hospital or it is deliberately being done. Our source told us that multiple hospitals have informed people they have tested positive. Many of these people did not even get tested. Can all hospitals suffer from such a massive mismanagement? Something does not seem right to us.

Another user tweeted, “Talking to a guy at work today… Said his friend went to a clinic to get tested for COVID. Filled out the paperwork then stood in line until she had to excuse herself. Next day she got a call saying she tested positive. The only problem is she left before receiving the test.” At a time like this when people are already panicking due to the alleged second wave. Instances such as these significantly contribute to greater anxiety.

It is concerning that a large number of people received these calls. Real hospitals and testing places provided these people with fake information regarding their tests which had actually never taken place.

Similar cases appear in the United States

After digging into these reports, we also found that similar cases are appearing in the United States. A number of people in the U.S. also received calls from testing clinics. This strange phenomenon is causing panic among people who are perfectly healthy.

One user residing in the United States reported, “Went to get the COVID testing, long line and had to leave .. guess what .. I got a call that I was tested positive !! How is the f****** world that happened!! I DIDNT GET THE TEST AND IM POSITIVE ??? For real !! Do I believe the California virus numbers …Not at all!!’

Another such report reads, “So I have heard this happen to people but not to anyone close to me but today the woman I work with told me her son made an appt for covid test 4 weeks ago. When he got there it was such a long line so he just left. Today he got a call from them telling him he tested POSITIVE.” People are unsure what to make of these calls. Could this mean that states are misreporting the COVID tally?

Health officials in the U.S. State of Florida warned about scam calls

However, Florida Health Department said, “At this time, we have not had any reports of individuals receiving results from the site without being tested. Results are distributed via labs and questions about false results should be directed to the appropriate testing lab.”

Health representatives from Florida state reportedly said that people who get their positive results by phone need to use caution:

“Individuals should be aware of the potential for scam callers. Most state-supported testing sites use portal services where individuals can log on to view their results without waiting for a phone call,” a spokesman said. If they do receive call, “the agent will never ask for a social security number, credit card information, place of employment, bank account information or insurance information.”

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