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Cardio Fitness ‘no data’ issue reported by Apple Watch users

Apple Watch Cardio Fitness No Data

With iOS 14.3 and Watch OS 7.2, iPhone and Apple Watch received another useful health feature, Cardio Fitness. But reportedly, many users are facing an issue where cardio fitness shows no data source.

Apple Watch Cardio Fitness showing no data

Users can check their cardio fitness level in the Health app on iPhone, and get an alert on Apple Watch if it shows low range. Cardio fitness, measured by VO2 max, is the maximum amount of oxygen the body can utilize during exercise, outdoor walks, or runs.

“I have done EVERYTHING. Paring, unpairing. Brisk 20 minute outdoor walk. Monkeying with data sources. An hour on the phone with Apple where they tried everything. In the end, I simply show no cardio fitness data. And two Apple technicians didn’t even know about the “new” cardio fitness feature.” Apple Watch user

“I cannot find the cardio fitness on my watch series 3 I have scrolled own the notifications page but it is not there, I have found it on my phone 12pro but of course no data. Both watch and phone have latest versions of OS.” Apple Watch user

“Doesn’t work for me either. I did over 20 min walk for it to calibrate, but no data. Other data sources works fine. I hope someone will find solution or apple will fix this through update.” Apple Watch user 

Apparently, the problem occurs as Cardio Fitness doesn’t have Apple Watch as a data source. The entire Cardio Fitness goes blank with sections like ‘data sources’ and ‘apps allowed to read data’ showing no data at all. Also, pairing and unpairing didn’t work for affected users.

According to Apple, “It can take at least 24 hours wearing your Apple Watch, followed by several workouts and passive measurements with your Apple Watch before you receive an initial estimate.”

Besides that, you have to do at least a 20mins outdoor walk, run or hike so that Cardio Fitness data registers and shows up. Only these two workout types will work as your Apple Watch needs to calibrate. It is also important to turn on your GPS for all workouts.

Not only that, there are also waterproof smartwaches where you can use them for swimming activities, according to Superwatches.

Solutions for Cardio Fitness ‘no data’ issue

The following set of solutions might work for new as well as regular users who are facing Cardio Fitness ‘no data’ issue:

Set up Cardio Fitness: You must make sure that the Cardio Fitness setup is correctly installed as per official instructions.

Outdoor Workout: Cardio Fitness only works for outdoor walks, exercise, runs, or hikes.

Set data sources priority:

  1. Open the Health app, then tap the Browse tab.
  2. Tap a category, then tap a subcategory.
  3. Scroll down, then tap Data Sources & Access.
  4. Tap Edit.
  5. Touch and hold the Change Order button next to a data source, then drag it up or down in the list.
  6. To turn off a data source so that it doesn’t contribute any more data for that category, tap the checkmark next to the source.
  7. Tap Done.

Motion & Fitness privacy settings: Go to Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness – turn on Fitness Tracking and Health.

In the Watch app, go to My Watch > Privacy – turn on Fitness Tracking and Heart Rate.

Power saving mode: You might have to turn the power saving mode off from the Watch app. Go to Settings > Workout > Power Saving Mode and disable it.

 Reset Apple Watch: And the last solution could be factory resetting your Apple Watch.

Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

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