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Fix AirPods Max disconnecting from iPhone, iPad

AirPods Max disconnecting

The AirPods Max is the best noise-canceling headphones in terms of sound, build quality, and features. The thing people admire about Apple’s in-ear AirPods headphones is their ease-to-use. But for the past few weeks, users have been experiencing an issue where AirPods Max keeps disconnecting from their devices.

AirPods Max disconnecting on many devices

The disconnecting issue in the Airpods Max is happening more frequently for some users. A number of complaints posted on Reddit and Apple Support forums indicated that people are quite disappointed with this issue. The headphones keep losing connection after every few seconds, which ultimately spoils the otherwise excellent audio experience.

“I have no idea apple made these mistakes, it is even $597 with tax… like when ever I adjust earcub or knock my head, or just move earcub it disconnects, soo frustrating, I did reset airpods max for 20 times still wont change but if it is working and connected on the device, the sound separation and quality, transparency.” – AirPods Max user

“I have same issue and happens several times, when it drop connection iphone will freeze a bit and apple music will be muted while the apm noise control will change to off. Resetting doesn’t make it go away. I talk to support, we did forget device first the apm and have it reset. Will observe for days if still happening. APM and iphone 12 both latest firmware.” – AirPods Max user

“Whenever I go to use my AirPods they are momentarily connected, and then immediately rejected thereafter. They don’t seem to work unless I force my Mac to forget them, and then re-pair them manually every time. Connection seems fine while in use, but if I go to another room or set them on my desk for an extended period of time (30m) I have to repeat the process over again.” – AirPods Max user

The disconnecting issue occurred after a new software update

Numerous reports on the online forums, including the ones mentioned above, indicate that this issue is prevalent on iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. Possibly, the issue occurred after a software update to macOS Big Sur 11.1 and iOS 14.3. Several firmware versions of the AirPods Max are also affected.

“Came across this thread trying to find a solution. Was rock solid for the first while, but now I get constant drops on both my M1 Mac and my iPhone 12; regardless of the sound source. This seems to have come about since updating to 11.2, but that doesn’t seem relevant since I’m experiencing this on iOS as well.” – Macrumors Forums

Possible fixes for AirPods Max disconnecting issue

Some users mentioned on support forums that they got a replaced pair but the AirPods Max disconnecting issue still persisted. However, these fixes might help you overcome the disconnection issue.

Reset your AirPods Max: Resetting the AirPods Max worked for some users but you will have to do the same for your iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac.

Disable automatic head detection: Other users have also confirmed that turning off the automatic head detection feature worked for them. To do that, go to Settings > Bluetooth > Tap the “i” adjacent to listed AirPods Max > Automatic Head Detection and toggle the switch to off.

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