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Download Xiaomi MIUI 12 Themes From Here

Download MIUI 12 Themes

Xiaomi introduced its latest Android skin, MIUI 12 on April 27, 2020. And so far, the company has been able to roll out the stable version of the custom Android skin to more than two-thirds of its eligible devices. Speaking of the operating system, it introduces several new features and improvements to Android 10. One of the highlights of the custom skin is the New System Visual Designs. Apart from that, MIUI 12 also brings Dark Mode 2.0, New Gestures, New System Animations, Super Wallpapers, and many more. Additionally, MIUI 12 also comes with a customization tool, which helps designers to create themes for the eligible devices. Currently, there are several MIUI 12 themes available for eligible users to download.

MIUI 12 Themes: How To Download Them on Your Eligible Device

Admittedly, you’ll be able to get the themes on both the global theme store and China theme store. However, it’ll take a little manual research to be able to download the MIUI 12 themes on your eligible devices via the global store. The reason for that is because it doesn’t have link-sharing functions.

As for the china MIUI 12 theme store, we’ll be providing you with some direct links to get them on your phones. Furthermore, since there are no link functions on the global stores, we’ll be sharing with you the names of the available MIUI 12 themes so you can perform a manual search and download them on your eligible device.

Themes from the global store

As mentioned earlier, there are no shareable download links for the MIUI 12 themes from the Global theme store. As such, you’ll have to make a manual search to get your preferred themes on your eligible MIUI 12 device. That said, here are some of the best themes that you can check on the global theme store below:

  • BLUES [ON]

  • Red Dawn V2

  • JiyanV3


  • Saturn Dark

Saturn Dark

  • Road to Sunset 2020 v12

Road to Sunset 2020 v12

MIUI 12 Themes from China store: Download links

In case you’re interested in the download link for the MIUI 12 themes, here are some of them below. As mentioned earlier, it’s worth noting that the link functions only work on the china theme store.

  • Lucky Cat

Download MIUI 12 Themes

To be able to download the Lucky Cat MIUI 12 themes for your eligible device, you need to make use of the link here.

  • Little monster flying a plane

Download MIUI 12 Themes: Little monster flying a plane

In case you’re interested in getting the Little monster flying a plane theme on your eligible MIUI 12 device, use the link here.

  • Black

Download MIUI 12 Themes: black

Another theme that you’ll find amazing for your device from the China store is the Black theme. Furthermore, you’ll be able to download it by checking here.

  • Qin Shimingyue World

Download MIUI 12 Themes : Qin Shimingyue World

Qin Shimingyue, designed by the Quishiming world, is also one of the amazing themes that you can get for your MIUI 12 installed device. In case you’d like to get it, you can check the China theme store, using this download link.

  • Aoa

Download MIUI 12 Themes: Aoa

Designed by Goose, you can get the Aoa theme for your device by checking here.

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