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Google Discover not working due to signing in error

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A number of reports are circulating on the internet that Google Discover is infected with a signing issue and giving an error while opening the feed.

Google Discover offers a feed of customized topics that usually match users’ interests.

Google Discover showing signing issue

Multiple users are unable to view discover feeds as the Discover tab says “It looks like there was an error signing in to your account”. Further reports suggest that the issue isn’t just limited to the Google Feed. But the same error appears on the Google app as well.

“My Google discover isn’t working at all! I’ve reported this numerous times with no response.” Google Search Help

“I’m experiencing the same problem since 2 or 3 days using all of my smartphones and tablets. It seems a server-side problem because it affects all the devices where the same Google account is used. All the other Google services are working regularly. The problem affects Google Discover (“Google app”) only.” Google Search Help

“Having the same issue on my Samsung Note 9. I have multiple accounts but my default account is not working in Google Discover. None of the troubleshooting options provided have worked. I can see this was an issue around the same time a year ago. It seems to have returned and is not an issue with our devices but on the server side of Google.” Google Search Help

Screenshot of the error
Screenshot of the error

Many devices affected

These reports indicate that the Google app is not functioning and for now there is no official word on it. According to a user, apparently the February 2021 security patch is the reason behind this error. Most of the users on Nokia, OnePlus, Vivo, Pixel, Xiaomi phones are encountering this issue.

One recent development is that the Google team is already aware of this issue and probably working on a stable fix.

“This issue has been referred to the Google Search team for investigation.” Diamond Product Expert

Most possibly this is a glitch from the server-side and should resolve soon.


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