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Google Pixel users report wireless charging issue after March Update

Google Pixel wireless charging issue March Update
Source: Tech Advisor

Several reports on the internet suggest that the latest Google Pixel March 2021 security update brought a wireless charging issue with it. Pixel users are reportedly encountering wireless charging problems after updating the latest March security patch.

Google Pixel phones suffer wireless charging issue after March update

Users of Pixel smartphones (supported with wireless charging) have shared their concerns that the feature doesn’t seem to be functional. People on Reddit and Google support forums complained that after the March security patch rollout, they received an “align phone to charge” error message on their Pixels. As a result, they are unable to charge their phones.

google pixel 5 wireless charging issue

“Anyone else’s 4XL have problems with wireless charging after March update?” Reddit User

“Have the same problem with my Pixel 3XL and my wife’s Pixel 3. Her phone is in auto update, mine is manual. Her phone stopped charging wirelessly, I though it was the stand or her phone; then I updated and it stopped working for me as well. Same stands charge her iPhone without problems.” Google Support Forum

The March update resolved a previous battery indicator issue though, it instigated a new issue on Pixel phones. This bug looks way annoying than the battery indicator bug.

Downgrade to the February Security Patch

A couple of Reddit users also noticed that their Pixel smartphones stop wireless charging at 91%. The two issues are most likely inter-linked and the common factor is the March security update. Basic troubleshooting methods like reboots and factory resets do not seem to work. However, one user downgraded to the February security patch and managed to receive a positive outcome. Hence this could be a possible fix for the issue, as long as you can follow the required method to downgrade Android.

Another important observation is that the issue occurs in third-party wireless chargers and not Google’s Pixel Stand. One user indicated that the recently upgraded Pixel Stand had a smooth wireless charging. He also mentioned that Google officials may have taken this issue into consideration. In that case, Google’s own charger could be the only possible option making other wireless chargers useless for the time being.

According to the comments from some users, wireless charging on third-party chargers is functional only when the phone is powered off. Otherwise, you may have to stick to wired charging unless the issue is completely resolved.

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