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Fix Google Play Store redeem gift card error code PRS-PGCSEFC-01

Google Play Store PRS-PGCSEFC-01 error redeem gift card

People have been complaining about a bizarre Gift Card Error Code PRS-PGCSEFC-01 when they try to redeem on Google Play Store.

Google Play Store error code PRS-PGCSEFC-01

This error appears whenever a person attempts to redeem a gift card. But unfortunately, several users have lost their money due to this issue. As a result, they had to take to Google Play Store forums to report their issues.

“Error redeeming code. Error Code: PRS-PGCSEFC-01. I have this error when trying to redeem 10$ gift code. It recognizes the 10$ before gives the error when I try to redeem. I’m yet to find a solution. What do I do please?” Google Play Help

“I also got the error code PRS-PGCSEFC-01. I was about to redeem a $15 promo code.” Google Play Help

“Same problem, bought the 10USD voucher from gcash load.” Google Play Help

“I also have same issue, with 20 eur  card in austria how to solve it?” Google Play Help

Apparently, this error shows up when users enter a code into the redemption feature found under the Google Play Store app’s sidebar. Unfortunately, even upon numerous series of complaints, nobody from the Google team has been able to respond to the issue. Also, there is no official acknowledgment on any social media or Google Play forums which might be annoying for users.

However, users have been able to figure out a possible cause behind the PRS-PGCSEFC-01 error on the Google Play Store. According to a policy of Google, a person should be in the same country where the gift card was purchased/originated from due to currency differences.

For example, if u buy a gift card from the USA and your gift card is from Germany, then it won’t work and this error code will appear.
Therefore, you might need to use a proper VPN in order to imitate your location to the origin of the gift card.

Possible fix

One of the affected users explained this issue and a possible workaround on the Google Play forum:

“Explanation of the error: By Google policy, you have to be in the same country where the Gift Card was purchased, because of the currency. If, for example, you reside in Hungary, and have purchased the Gift Card in the USA, you can redeem it only when your current location is in the USA.

Workaround: 1. Connect to USA VPN using a VPN app, 2. Close the Play Store app, force-stop it from Settings->Apps menu, and delete cache and app data. 3. Only then re-open Play Store app, go to Menu->Redeem, enter the code, change your country to USA in the process (you will be prompted).

This, and only this worked for me. The only other alternative was to wait until traveling to the USA, and apply the code while physically there. The crucial point is force-stopping the Play app and deleting cache and data.”

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