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Instagram users can’t find songs in music sticker library

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As per multiple reports, several Instagram users can’t find songs in the music sticker library.

In 2018, Instagram integrated music into its stories feature, which allows users to add a soundtrack to their story to match any given moment.

Reports of Instagram users who can’t find songs in music sticker library

It seems that the number of songs accessible in Instagram’s music sticker collection has substantially decreased in recent days, leading impacted users to voice their opinions on online forums.

A few even mentioned that they have used some of the songs that are currently unavailable in their previous content.

One user of the platform has expressed their dissatisfaction with the inability to locate any of their preferred songs, including globally popular tracks, for the past few days.

Another user has made an allegation that although the music sign indicating the presence of music tracks is present on their previous posts, the song titles are not displayed, and the tracks do not play.

One user posted: “So when I upload a post and add a song and go to my other account I can’t hear it, So a friend when on my account and it’s the same thing it doesn’t even say I added a song?”

“Tried adding a song to my story but I couldn’t find the sticker for it did they remove it?” another said.

The possible reason behind the issue

Despite attempting to resolve the issue by logging out and signing back in, clearing the app cache, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app, users have not been successful in finding their desired tracks.

Speculations suggest that this might be due to licensing issues, with some tracks not being available on Instagram. It is possible that the company’s contract with certain musicians or bands may have expired.

Hopefully, Instagram will address and resolve this problem promptly so that content creators can continue to incorporate their preferred tracks in their stories and reels.

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