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Fix: iOS 14 notifications not working for some iPhone users

iOS 14 notifications not working

According to reports by several users online, the notifications on iOS 14 are not working properly. Users are complaining about the lack of notification alerts, the reason for this problem is still unknown. Any notification alerts whether it be texts or sound are not showing up, neither does the banner show up on top of the screen. This can be especially troubling since notification alerts are an integral part of the smartphone experience. This problem is making users miss time-sensitive emails and texts that require immediate response.

The notifications on iOS 14 are not working properly

One user said, “I am having the same issue and also not receiving notifications for other email apps as well as social media. Thought it may be an app needs to be updated issue but that doesn’t seem to have worked either. I am missing critical emails that require immediate response.”

Since the pandemic has shifted all modes of communication online, the absence of notification alerts can be especially troubling. For most people, their entire offices are operating online. Not being able to respond timely to certain emails can cause inconveniences. The issue seems widespread since a large number of users all around the globe are complaining about the iOS 14 update that resulted in their notifications not working at all.

The apparent bug is affecting differently for each individual. One user said that they are receiving notifications but the banner on top of the screen seems to be missing, While the notification feature is not working for some users at all, they are unable to hear even the notification sounds. Many users also said that they receive notifications for particular applications but not for all.

Possible fixes for iOS 14 notifications

Some users came up with potential fixes to counter the problematic issue. One user stated, “So far, the only fix is to turn off Bluetooth on my phone. In other words, when Bluetooth is enabled, I don’t receive any notifications on my iPhone when locked. When I disable Bluetooth, the notifications appear on my lock screen as expected.” However, this might not work for everyone as apparent from the comments preceding this post.

Other users also drew attention to the lock screen setting feature. If you keep missing important notifications on your lock screen, you should try to ensure that the “Show on Lock Screen” setting on your phone is enabled. This setting can be toggled on by going to settings > notifications > messages. However, this will only fix the issue of missing notifications on the lock screen.

Another user noted, “Not sure about everyone else, but I had this same exact issue. This is what I finally figured out. Even though my car was not on, this setting was causing my issue. Head over to Settings > Notifications > Messages and turn off ‘Show in CarPlay’. Once I turned that setting off, my notifications started working again.” Users hope that Apple addresses this situation soon and provides a possible fix for this problem.

As of 14th December, several users are reporting that push notifications are missing on their device after the new update. People who got in touch with Apple support state that the company has full knowledge of the issue. However, Apple has not publicly addressed the issue nor provided any solution.

Update 15 Dec:

Apple has rolled out iOS 14.3 and the new update’s changelog shows that the fix for the ‘no notification’ issue has arrived. Here’s what the new Apple’s changelog states:

  • Some MMS messages may not be received
  • Some Messages notifications may not be received
  • Contact groups failed to display members when composing a message
  • Some videos would not appear correctly when shared from the Photos app
  • App folders may fail to open
  • Spotlight search results, and opening apps from Spotlight may not work
  • Bluetooth could be unavailable in Settings
  • Devices could be prevented from charging wirelessly
  • MagSafe Duo Charger could wirelessly charge your iPhone at less than the maximum power
  • Wireless accessories and peripherals using the WAC protocol could fail to complete setup
  • The keyboard would dismiss when adding a list in Reminders while using VoiceOver

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