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iOS 14 Concept: Here Are The Best Ones

iOS 14 Beta Download Leaked To Hackers
Concept by Avdan

A few weeks ago, there was a leak that Apple is going to introduce real widgets on iPhones and iPads in iOS 14. Shortly after that, a lot of developers have started coming out with different iOS 14 concept.

iOS 14 Concept: SpringKit

Parker Ortolani created an iOS 14 concept, SpringKit, imagining what real widgets can look like on iPhones. He created the framework such that third-party developers can choose from three different home screen views for their apps.

SpringKit iOS 14 Concept
Image: SpringKit

With all the three views falling into the existing grid and customization features, users can switch between them.

  • A full-size widget
  • A new live icon, capable of showing buttons or data
  • A classic still icon

I’m sure you know how a classic still icon works. However, the live icon could help to show a slightly bigger icon with information about outdoor temperature and weather conditions. Also, the Activity app could show you daily Activity Rings by offering a full-size widget.

iOS 14 Concept By Hacker 34

A new YouTube video, published yesterday by Hacker 34 has been seen showing how iOS 14 will look like on iPhone 12. In the video, the iOS 14 concept is magical at every touch. Also, the new concept takes a tour of all the rumors so far about Apple’s iOS 14, including those we are yet to hear. With this video, it’s going to be amazing to have all of the features come with Apple’s iOS 14 by June.

You can watch the video here.

While I would like to go into the full details of the video, the video has explained everything that’s with the new iOS 14 concept. So, I can only summarize that your iPhone will enjoy the following:

  • Split Screen (Split View) function for multitasking
  • Widget on the home screen
  • New app switcher
  • An Emoji Bar on the keyboard, adding to a better performance
  • Stability and battery life
  • Smaller call HUD
  • Always-on display

iOS 14 Concept By Nicholas Ghigo

With Nicholas Ghigo designing his concept, I believe it’s worth sharing here. That’s because the concept covers almost all the features of the upcoming iOS mentioned in the recent leaks, with additional features too. According to Ghigo, he said:

“iOS 14 is just a few months away, so I’d like to share with you my concept vision about the next chapter of the new Apple iOS. I tried to cover the most requested features by online users: Always-On Display, Picture-in-Picture, Emoji Search, Lockscreen Widgets, New Pop-Up Call Interface, Siri Redesign, Default Apps, and much more.”

Here is a list of features in Ghigo’s concept:

  • Always-on Display
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Emoji Search
  • Lockscreen Widgets
  • New Pop-up Call Interface
  • Siri Redesign
  • Default Apps

Concept By Avdan

Another iOS 14 concept created by a YouTuber Avdan in February comes with lovely features. According to him, he created it to visualize how iOS 14 will look like upon release by June.

While watching the video, here are the features that came with it:

  • Redesigned icons, with an option for a tighter grid of icons
  • Smaller Call UI
  • Siri UI
  • Always-on display
  • Redesigned Apple Music with tighter grid
  • Default and New Settings app to pin your favorite actions to the top

Apple’s iOS 14 first developer’s Beta is set to release on June 8. So, we should keep our fingers crossed, and hope that all the amazing features listed in the different iOS 14 concepts above come with it.

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