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How to fix iOS 16 battery draining issue

Apple has finally launched the iOS 16 update for iPhones this week. However, users are complaining about the battery draining issue after installing iOS 16 and searching for a potential fix.

Potential fix for battery draining issue after iOS 16

Fixing battery life issues can be challenging but here are some solutions that have worked for users in the past.

Restart Your Phone: A quick reboot can improve your device’s performance so it is the first thing you should try.

Check Your Apps’ performance: One of your apps might be the culprit, especially if you use it excessively. Here’s what you can do:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Select Battery.
  • Go into the Battery Usage tool and you will see the apps draining your battery.

Scroll down in the Battery section of Settings to see all of the apps that have been using your battery. Pay close attention to apps that are running in the background, as these may be consuming battery life without your knowledge.

Adjust the brightness to Auto: When screens are left on their brightest setting, this is a common cause of battery drain. Lowering the brightness unless absolutely necessary can save a significant amount of battery life.

Update Your iPhone: New software updates can potentially solve battery life issues. You will just have to wait until Apple release another update focused on fixed bugs.

Examine the condition of your battery: Users can view their overall battery life under the Battery option in Settings. If the word “Service” appears, Apple recommends that you replace your battery.

Social media reports of battery draining issue

While the iOS 16 brings along several amazing features such as a customized lock screen, there are some bugs in it. Many excited users installed the update and are reporting that iOS 16 is affecting their battery life.

According to several reports, the battery is draining very fast for iPhone users after upgrading to iOS 16.

ios 16 battery drain issue iPhone

Some describe situations such as 20% battery consumed within an hour. Meanwhile, others report losing 1% battery every 3 minutes, which is quite excessive.

“I’m very probably being paranoid and noticing things that aren’t there, but it seems to me like the battery life is lower on 16 than on 15. iPhone 12. I lose 1% every 3 and a half minutes. Is this normal/better than 15 or am I just being paranoid,” posted one user.

“Hi everyone! I downloaded iOS 16 earlier onto my 13 Pro and I’m seeing a notable decrease in the battery. Is anyone else having the same issue? Before anyone says anything, my battery health is 99% and the phone was new in March, so I doubt it’s my phone,” posted another.

Potential cause of battery draining issue

Many experts are saying the battery draining problem after the iOS 16 update is normal. It is just their phone adjusting to the new iOS. The situation is common after every major OS update. Other platforms such as Android and Windows also have similar issues following a major OS update.

After a major update, the device runs multiple processes from scratch like reindexing databases and creating caches. Basically, the device gets acquainted with the new iOS 16 environment.

Smartphone operation systems gather usage data to check which apps have priority over others and prepare them ready to run, putting lower priority apps in ‘hibernated’ mode. So, you may need a few days for your iPhone to re-learn which apps are more prioritized.

The new iOS 16 lock screen wallpapers with widgets could also be a potential cause of excessive battery drain. You can disable the new Wallpaper to save battery.

Past reports show the battery draining issue in the RC (Release Candidate) version of iOS 16. However, Apple continued with it in the stable version, maybe to avoid possible delays.

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