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iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard causing battery drain issue

ipad pro magic keyboard battery drain issue

Apple iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard, released in March, came with a lot of amazing features. They include the responsive multi-touch trackpad, counterbalancing magnetic stand, and backlit keyboard. So far, these features have got a lot of people praising the iPad accessory. However, things have started to turn the other way around since the device started misbehaving for some people. According to reports on social media, some users are now complaining about experiencing a battery drain issue whenever they connect their iPad Pro’s USB-C port to the Magic Keyboard. Apart from that, some other users also complained about having the same battery issue even when their iPad is idle.

iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard Battery Drain Issue, Users Report

Since Apple didn’t design the Magic Keyboard with a separate battery, it utilizes that of the iPad. It does that by using its connector to tap power from the battery of any connected iPad Pro device. Although it’s been working fine since it’s release, users are now complaining about it. Here’s what some users are saying:

According to Joe Rettinger’s post on Twitter, he said:

“I love my 12.9” iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard but wow does it drain the battery like CRAZY!

Shortly after that, a reply came from Quinn Nelson, saying: “Yeah, man. IDK if it’s the backlight or what. It’s rough tho.”

Based on many complaints we have come across so far, it’s hard to point to a particular feature of the device as the root problem. Although some users are suggesting that it’s the backlight, some are also suggesting that it’s the Magic Keyboard’s trackpad that’s causing the iPad Pro battery to drain. However, that’s hard to believe, as the trackpad and backlight can’t consume that much power on a normal day.

That led us to ask the question of what really is causing the battery of iPad Pro to drain when connected to a Magic Keyboard? Well, we’re able to find an answer to the question.

Replacing Your Magic Keyboard May Fix The Issue

Initially, we’re uncertain whether or not the experience is an inevitable one for all Magic Pro users. That’s because Apple didn’t mention anything officially relating to the battery life statistics, and how much effect the Magic Keyboards will have on iPad Pro batteries.

However, according to some reviewers, the iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard battery drain issue is likely a hardware-related one. Since everybody is not experiencing the issue, and software is not effective to fix it, there’s advice that users should replace the keyboard device. Here’s what iPad insight said:

“Based on the small number of responses I’ve gotten back expressing similar issues with excessive battery drain in comparison to positive reports on the Magic Keyboard, I don’t think this issue is widespread. I don’t have any idea what is causing the variation in battery life from one keyboard to another and that isn’t in my field of expertise. Based on the ratio of complaints about battery life to good reports, your replacement is far more likely to work better. In my case, iPad Pro battery life while using it is far better.”

Well, some users have started contacting Apple Support for a warranty replacement.

iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard Battery Drain Issue

So, if you’re experiencing the iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard battery drain issue, you don’t need to be afraid.  All you need is to contact Apple Support for a warranty replacement.

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