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iPhone 12 Flip concept: A foldable iPhone will look like this

iPhone 12 flip concept

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a whole new type of foldable smartphone. That’s because of its glass screen folding ability and the advanced hinge feature that enables users to free stop fold. Ever since this uniquely designed phone launched in February, a lot of users, including iPhone users, have been talking about it. Even though it’s unlikely that Apple will release any foldable smartphone soon, it shouldn’t stop us from imagining how the flip concept will look like for an iPhone 12.

In this post, we’ll be looking at how an iPhone 12, with a Galaxy Z Flip-like design, will look like.

iPhone 12 Flip Concept – Design And Features

#iOS beta news posted a video on YouTube, imagining how an iPhone 12 flip will look like. According to the video, the iPhone 12 device comes with a flip factor, including a cover display on the exterior for checking notifications like unread messages and calls. Also, flipping the device open, you’ll see that it comes with a 6.7-inch foldable glass screen display, allowing for a small dewdrop notch-look.

Its rear camera has a quad-camera setup, including the newly introduced feature of the iPad Pro 2020, LiDAR scanner. According to the iPhone 12 Flip video concept, it’s unfortunate that there’s no feature included that we can talk about. However, it’s sure that the device will support the 5G network and some other features expected for the iPhone 12.

This is not the first time a video concept will be imagining foldable iPhones. One was also posted in March this year, looking more like the recently released revamped Motorola Razr.

It’s Just A Concept

While it’ll be interesting to see Apple produce this kind of device, it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything like this. That’s because most of the iPhone concepts that we’ve seen in the past don’t always come to reality. So, the chances of seeing the iPhone 12 Flip is very slim that we might only be seeing it in concepts.

However, if Apple by any chance enters the foldable smartphone market, it’s likely that it’ll take another foldable form. That’s because it’s chance of coming with a Galaxy Fold is very slim. Nonetheless, it was really nice seeing the video concept.

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