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iPhone users want volume slider back on iOS 16 lock screen

Several iOS 16 beta testers have reported a missing volume slider on the lock screen media player. As a result, music listeners are unable to adjust the volume directly from the lock screen.

They either have to unlock their phone and open Control Center or use the volume buttons. iPhone users said they didn’t have to go through all this trouble in iOS 15 UI.

Apple introduced the latest version of the iPhone operating software, iOS 16, on June 6. The update included some new features and improvements.

The latest update had a whole new lock screen look, with many customization options. The users can create their own widgets, choose photos or built-in wallpapers, and customize colors for the screen.

In iOS 16, there is a full-screen music player that takes up the entire lock screen. It also displays the album art of the song and media controls at the bottom. However, users are unhappy that Apple forgot to add a volume slider along with other important media functions.

In the previous version, the music player on the screen was displayed in the shape of a small card with music controls. The users were easily able to check the volume or adjust it.

Disappointed beta testers took it to Reddit to comment about the missing feature.

“I miss having the on-screen volume slider in the iOS Lock Screen playback UI. I hope they add that back before iOS 16 is actually released,” a user posted.

Others said the new audio interface on the lock screen is inferior to the last version. “I understand why they felt the need to reduce its size to put it in line with other elements on the Lock Screen, but its usability has been severely compromised in that pursuit,” a Reddit post said.

However, several other users reported that the feature was not entirely removed. It shows up while playing music on TV, Airplay, and HomePod. Apart from that, the volume slider is missing from the lock screen of iOS 16.

Users have urged Apple to bring back the old feature. There has been no update from Apple yet.

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