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macOS Big Sur update: Bluetooth connectivity issue reported

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According to reports by several users online, the new macOS Big Sur update is causing Bluetooth connectivity issues. The new macOS Big Sur update introduces a ton of features and improvements for Apple devices. Most importantly, it brings a completely new user interface.  Moreover, it also comes with several under the hood improvements that aim to enhance the user experience. This latest update for Macs also allows users to run iOS and iPadOS applications on their device. This update happens to be more inclusive and user friendly.

Bluetooth connectivity issue

However, all updates bring along their fair share of bugs and issues. Even after several lengthy months of beta testing, some bugs manage to get past the developers. These bugs are now affecting a large number of users who installed the macOS Big Sur. The most prominent issue includes Bluetooth connectivity issue. Users complain that Apple support suggested them to ensure that their Bluetooth devices had updated firmware. Despite having an updated firmware, Bluetooth headsets or speakers did not connect.

Apart from the Bluetooth connectivity issues, users with older MacBooks were placed at a disadvantage as well. These users found themselves with bricked computers as aftermath of installing the update. The seemingly harmless software update proved to be a source of major inconvenience.

One user reported, “I have spent a lot of time with Apple support with the same problem. They suggested making sure my bluetooth devices had updated firmware. In the end I had to revert to Catalina as Big Sur doesn’t support ANY of my bluetooth headsets/speakers. ” The comment box underneath shows that this issue is being faced by majority of users who installed the new update.

Tips and tricks for the new macOS Big Sur update

It is disappointing to realize that these Bluetooth connectivity issues have appeared in the beta testing mode as well. Several users highlighted this issue months ago, but Apple did not resolve this. However, the tricks given below might be helpful.

Some users have noted that deleting the “HAL” folder may resolve the annoying issue. One user reported, “If you’re unable to locate and delete the “HAL” plugin folder (sometimes it’s hidden from view), try this: – Open Terminal app – Type in: sudo rm -rf /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/HAL/– Restart your Mac.” This hack apparently works for a large number of users.

Resetting tor debugging he Bluetooth module is also solving the problem for many users. In order to do this, you will press and hold the Shift + Option (Alt) keys. Then you must proceed to click on the Bluetooth icon that is usually located in the macOS menu bar. The next step is hovering the mouse over Debug and clicking “Reset the Bluetooth module”. Once you are done with these steps, you may restart your Mac.

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