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MacOS Camera not working after Big Sur Update

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With the release of macOS Big Sur, Apple enters a new generation, MacOS 11. This brings redesigned user interface, a significant update to Safari and tweaks promised to increase performance and power efficiency.

“It elevates the most advanced desktop operating system in the world to a new level of power and beauty,” Apple said.

MacOS Camera Issue after the update

Apple MacBook and iMac have an excellent built-in camera that enables you to connect with your colleagues, friends, a family using FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, and more. As with any operating system, macOS Big Sur comes with its own issues. Several users recently reported that their cameras have stopped working after the macOS Big Sur update.

Issues posted by Users on discussion forums

This is a relatively new issue related to the Macbook camera and users have been posting their experiences on Apple communities and other online forums.

“My parents have a 2017 macbook that they upgraded to Big Sur. Since then their onboard camera does not work. All the troubleshooting doesn’t work and it’s out of warranty so I got them an external camera with mic. The mic works but the camera doesn’t. It shows as “HD Camera” but either says “In use” (there is nothing running except Photobooth) or doesn’t show up at all. Any assistance would be appreciated.” – Reddit.

Another user posted on a forum:

“I just updated to Big Sur and now my Camera also does not work on any application – I also verified that the applications have access under the security panel. Will keep looking – and waiting for an update I guess.”- Apple Communities.

As a result, users might get error messages like “No video capture devices were found” or “No camera available” when trying to use the camera. Many users have already tried common workarounds like resetting SMC, NVRAM, PRAM, and even reinstalling Big Sur, but the issue of the macOS camera not working still persisted.
posted a fix that worked for him:

Verify that “camera is allowed” for your user account:

System Preferences (window)

Screen Time (icon)

Content & Privacy (left panel)

Apps (tab)

Allow (section): Camera

The firmware version 429. could possibly be the reason behind this matter, as many users have implied on the forums, but there isn’t sufficient evidence to back this. The Big Sur 11.2 update also doesn’t help at all.

Methods to overcome the macOS Big Sur camera not working issue

1. Anti-virus Check

The anti-virus software could be restricting the use of your camera hardware for some unknown security reasons. Many users assumed that Kaspersky could be the reason for the macOS Big Sur camera not working issue.

“If you have KASPERSKY installed, go to your privacy settings and unlock your camera. I had this problem for days but it was simply as that.” – Source

2. Check Camera Restriction

Click on the Apple Logo from the top Mac menu > System Preferences > Screen Time > Content & Privacy from the left side of the window > And Click on Apps Tab > Enable Check box for Camera.

3. Check Firewall Settings

Go to System PreferencesSecurity & Privacy. Select the tab Firewall. Click on ‘Turn off Firewall’. If this is not possible then click on the lock in the left corner to unlock the settings.

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