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Motorola Moto G Pro users experiencing NFC issue

Moto G Pro NFC Issue

Motorola launched its rebranded version of Moto G Stylus as the Moto G Pro. It is an Android One series phone which comes with a Stylus.

Motorola recently started rolling out the Android 10 update for its Motorola One Macro. Now the company’s Moto G Pro has started receiving the Android 11 update and this became the first Motorola smartphone to get an Android 11 update. It started rolling out in the UK expected to expand to more regions soon.

However, some Motorola Moto G Pro users have been experiencing issues with NFC function on their phones since the August 2020 security update.

The update for the phone was listed on Motorola’s update portal and confirmed by a moderator on the company’s community page.

“Motorola is committed to regular and timely security updates as recommended by Google/Android. While phones cannot be upgraded indefinitely, we provide security updates within the industry standard on both our regular and our Android One devices,” says Motorola.

Motorola Moto G Pro turned to Lenovo forums and reported their issues related to NFC function:

“Hello ! NFC stopped working since august security patch i tried to boot in safe mode, reset my phone, nothing works !
Thanks for your help” (Source)

“I recently bought the moto g pro and everything worked fine until a week ago. NFC stopped working completely. No payments accepted, no tags readable, NFC seems dead. Things I`ve tried so far: Toggle NFC switch on off, restart device, update payment app. I have not tried a factory reset and hope to avoid it.” (Source)

The complaints indicate that the NFC feature does not work even after performing common troubleshooting steps such as rebooting and factory resetting the device. Seems like Motorola is aware of the NFC issue as it replied yesterday that they’re ‘still working with this ‘.

A representative from Motorola-Lenovo Support responded to one of the posts:

“Can some of you send me a bug report as I requested? I just need one bug report so we can raise this with our engineers. Please let me know. Thanks.”

Until the company comes up with a fix for the NFC issue on the Motorola Moto G Pro, users will have to use the phone without the feature, at least if outside of Europe.


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