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OnePlus users report ‘same serial number/IMEI already exists’ issue

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Without a doubt, OnePlus is currently one of the best Android smartphone manufacturers in the world. Yearly, the Chinese OEM is known to always introduce new features and improvements to its flagship smartphones. For instance, its 2020 flagships, OnePlus 8 series, launched with impressive specs. With up to 12GB of RAM, and Snapdragon 865, you’ll agree that OnePlus has indeed improved, in terms of its offerings. However, the company is not without its issues. According to the latest report, many OnePlus users have now taken to the company’s forum to report a new problem. The OnePlus users said they are experiencing an error display issue, which reads ‘same serial number/IMEI already exists’. This happens every time they try to open the OnePlus Care application on their devices.

OnePlus ‘Same Serial Number/IMEI Already Exists’ Issue Comes To Light

According to some OnePlus users, they are unable to access the company’s Care application on their devices. The users said anytime they try to open the application, it displays an annoying error message.

Here’s what the message says below:

“A OnePlus smartphone with the same Serial number/IMEI already exists.”

OnePlus Same Serial Number Issue IMEI Already Exists

Because of that, many of the affected OnePlus users have taken to the company’s community forum to complain about the ‘same serial number’ issue. Let’s have a quick look at some of the users’ complaint below:

According to dhimant7, the OnePlus 7T user mentioned that he couldn’t access the OnePlus Care app. Furthermore, he said that an error message also pops up anytime he tries to book a repair. Here’s what the user reported, regarding the ‘same serial number/IMEI issue’:

“Hi, I am getting this warning in the OnePlus Care App stating “This smartphone with the same serial number/IMEI already exists”. How can there be the same IMEI of more than one device? And when I select an option: Book a repair (under extended warranty), it gives a message that ” this device is not covered under extended warranty”. I had bought this phone very recently for almost 2 months and these issues started happening. Please help.”

According to AmitJhajharia, the OnePlus Nord user said:

“When I open the OnePlus care app in my OnePlus Nord, it shows that a OnePlus device with the same serial no or same IMEI no. Already exists”

Also, according to Brandzdsz, the OnePlus 6 user said:

“I wish to avail my Red Cable Club benefit of upgrading, however, my OnePlus Care app doesn’t give me the option of an upgrade at all…and gives this error instead….”

What’s the fix?

Looking at the reports so far, it seems the issue of ‘same serial number/IMEI’ error display is affecting a lot of OnePlus users. However, in case you’re also experiencing a similar error display, you might have to stop worrying too much about it. That’s because the OnePlus team has started working on a fix to address the issue. Although the exact release date of the fix is still unsure, an OnePlus Staff Member on the community forum assured that a fix will come sooner than later.

Here’s a screenshot of what the staff member posted while responding to a report below:

OnePlus Same Serial Number Issue IMEI Already Exists

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