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Player of COD: Modern Warfare 2 face permanently banned and crashing issues

COD: Modern Warfare 2 players permanently banned crashing

Many COD: Modern Warfare 2 players are experiencing crashing problem and are permanently banned for no apparent reason. They report issues while playing the campaign or multiplayer version.

Reports of COD: Modern Warfare 2 players permanently banned and crashing issue

It’s important to note that this problem existed in early access as well and has now crept into the global edition.

“You stole my money, you banned me without explanation or reason, you don’t care I’ve been sending proof I wasn’t cheating, yet you ignore everything,” an affected user posted.

“Me and many other players are getting wrongfully banned on steam. This is ridiculous, please lift the bans so everyone can enjoy the game,” another posted.

This aggravates many players since they believe the company has duped or cheated them. The fact that the game begins at US$70 exacerbates the matter.

Some gamers have been banned for just checking game files on Steam and attempting to scan and repair the game on the launcher.

However, the programmers have yet to address the issue in which COD: Modern Warfare 2 users are being immediately suspended for no apparent reason.

No workarounds or acknowledgment

There are no workarounds that could potentially assist players to address the problem. Players may have to await longer for the devs to find a solution.

Some gamers, according to complaints, are seeing a ‘Scan and Repair’ popup when the game crashes with the error ‘game ship.exe.’

However, clicking on the prompt in other situations results in an immediate suspension.

A user reported: “Played a few matches this morning game crashed with Game_ship.exe error and account immediately banned.”

It’s crucial to note that ‘game ship.exe’ crashes aren’t the only ones causing the banning.

A COD: Modern Warfare gamer apparently went to the Activision office to find out why they were wrongfully banned. However, they were turned down by security and are now attempting to obtain a refund.


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